Why It Is A Great Idea To Hire A Mom

Why It Is A Great Idea To Hire A Mom

Before I landed my current job, I was hunting far and wide and up and down.

I couldn’t understand why my interviews would go so well (on the rare occasion when my CV was actually considered that is) and had a hard time figuring out what I was doing wrong.

Then, one day, I got a call from a well-known recruitment company and I was able to pinpoint the exact moment I lost any shot of getting the job.

The call was going SO well, the interviewer was laughing and chatting, confirming my information and asking me questions on how I would handle certain hypothetical situations (which I answered magnificently if I do say so myself) and seemed to be having a simply fab time conversing with me.

Then she went a bit quiet and I promise I could physically feel the shift in the ‘vibe’ of the call and she awkwardly mumbled ‘So, here it says you have one dependent? Who is this, and how are they dependent on you?’ Aware of the change of the conversational gears, I told her I have a daughter and SJOOOOE but did the interrogation begin.

I was told to state her age, gender, who her primary caregiver is, what my support system was like and (here’s the moment you have all been waiting for) what would I do with her if I got a call from the nanny saying she was sick and needed urgent medical attention?

Um… whaaat?

It took me a second to actually comprehend what she was asking. She asked me, what would I do if I got a call from my childs’ caregiver saying she needed urgent medical attention.

So, I told her exactly what I would do.

No matter where, what or how – I would get my kid the medical attention she needs.

‘Thank you so much for your time, unfortunately you are not a suitable candidate for this position, good bye’


So, the moment I lost the possibility of the job was when the interviewer noted I had a child.

And that pissed me off.

I mean come on people, it’s 2018!

Naturally, in true Tashion (Tash fashion 😉 ) I spent the weeks to follow coming up with awesome retorts and comebacks that would put that lady in her place.

Instead of letting this all valuable ‘mom-anger’ simmer inside me, I thought I would put my reasoning’s to paper.

Since we apparently all know why you shouldn’t hire a mom, I’ve decided to note a few (of the many) reasons why you should and why if I was in a hiring position I would.

12 Reasons Why A Mother Is A Fantastic Addition To Any Work Environment
  • Our handbags are fully stocked with handy things nobody knows they need till they need them including, but not limited to, wet wipes, snacks, creams and plasters.
  • Being a mother is a great motivator to do well at work. Some people work to fund their next backpacking trip around Europe or that pair of shoes they can’t stop thinking about, others work to keep food on the table and make university a possibility. There’s a smidge of a difference in priorities (zero disrespect to non-parents who work hard too!)
  • We know how to deal with shit – literally and figuratively. I’m not going to elaborate on this one.
  • Mom’s don’t get sick very often because they are simply too busy to be burdened with something as nonsensical as a common cold! Even if we do feel sick, we are so used to still working our butts off momming at home, that we can do so (to a certain extent) in the office.
  • We are forced to think creatively because when a fussy toddler doesn’t want to eat – making plane noises just don’t cut it no more.
  • We have maternal instincts that extend far further than our own offspring. Someday, somebody in the office is going to need some comfort and cuddles and moms just give off a well, motherly, vibe.
  • We can handle and deal with meltdowns, be it a toddler who refuses to put pants on to leave the house, or a client with an unrealistic deadline.
  • We aren’t selfish because we are so used to putting the needs of others above our own.
  • We can run on extreme lack of sleep because we became so used to it! This means that if we have to pull the occasional all nighter to meet that all-important deadline this will not be unfamiliar territory.
  • We are tolerant the very moment we become a mom. We see past the difficult situation and have the capacity to listen, discuss and accommodate demands that seem irrational at the time.
  • We can multitask. Okay, so it’s a well-known fact that women can multitask, but when a woman has a baby, our multitasking capacity rises to a whole new level. Try holding a baby’s legs together, putting on a nappy, pulling funny faces AND chatting on the phone that’s glued between your ear and your shoulder, all the while planning what’s for dinner that night and then we will talk multitasking!
  • Mom Guilt is a real thing! Picture this – the creche calls to say the little one has lice and needs to be picked up immediately and as a result, we must leave work early. To make sure we aren’t inconveniencing you (and to ensure you don’t regret hiring a mom!) we will make up for the time lost, and then some.

These are just some of the many reasons why I reckon mothers are just as hire-able as non-mothers (if not more so!) and I really wish that recruiters and bossdogs in general would realize this.

Of course, all of the above points also have their downsides – for example whilst searching for a spare pen in our gloriously handy handbags we may have to dust the biscuit crumbs off first, and the mom guilt (what a two way street this motherhood thing is!) that I mentioned also means that we will most probably beat ourselves up for missing the moments with our monkeys whilst we stay late to kick our deadlines butt.

There are pros and cons to hiring anyone, be it a mother or a non-mother, ultimately your hiring decision should be made based on who you feel is best equipped to handle the job and not who may or may not carry a spare shirt in her car in case of spit ups.

Viva la Mommy!

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