Valentines Day Q&A – With Daddydaims

With the Day of Luuuuurve around the corner I thought I would use this opportunity for you to get to know my baby-making partner/husband/partner in crime/ultimate bestie, Daddydaims, a little better.

I absolutely adore interviewing him and this time the topic was me and our relationship, so I felt pretty awkies at first but got over myself as soon as he opened his mouth and made me feel gooey inside.

Because Valentines Day snuck up on me BIG time (as in the day before) I turned to fellow mommy blogger Megan Kelly over at for inspiration and used some of the Q&A’s she did with her own baby-making partner this time last year!

FYI – The bolded words are me chipping in because I can’t shuddup.

What was your first impression of me?

Well, you were smokin’ hot.

And when I saw you, and realized you were you and Megan was Megan (before we met, his mom showed him a picture with both my sister and I in it – and he thought I was her!) I was so self-conscious in a way about how I looked and what state I was in .

I was like ‘oh my word she’s awesome’ and I look like I just fell out of a swamp. (he honestly did – but even in that state he gave me butterflies!)


Do you remember our first kiss?

Yes, I do.

I tricked you into coming to my bedroom, I told you your mom was phoning you, because your phone was charging in my room.

I followed you into the room and closed the door and I said ‘your moms not phoning you’ and I just grabbed you and kissed you.

(Trickery, ‘just grabbed you’ and false notifications of mom calling… I promise, it didn’t feel  as creepy at it sounds!)


How, or when, did you know I was the one?

I think it was when you said that even though you liked me a lot but if I wasn’t willing to be a certain way then no.

Like you made yourself too good for how I was then – and it was right.

If you could get rid of one thing that belongs to me, what would it be?

All your bath stuff and your creams and lotions!

Even though you got rid of loads of them there’s still. SO. much.


What annoys you most about me?

Your forgetfulness.


What does your family think of me?

Oh, they love you. They definitely love you. I think if it came down to it, they would even choose you over me!


Out of all the dates we’ve been on, which has been your favourite?

Definitely the most recent one, the one for your birthday.

I think that was close on the perfect night.

What is the best gift I’ve given you?


What was the best and worst part of our wedding?

I think the best part was when I saw you walking down the aisle.

(Why?) It kinda made it real. Up until that the point the wedding was just a theoretical thing and then right then I was like ‘Oh my word, this is actually happening.’

I don’t know if I have a worst part, it all went really smoothly and stuff but if I had to choose my ‘worst’ part it would probably be all the money we had to spend.

What is your favourite part of being married?

Having you around all the time.


What is the most difficult part about being married to me?

I don’t think there is a difficult part.

I mean our relationship, although there’s been challenges, has always been, I don’t want to say easy – but it just came naturally for us.

What was our last argument about?

When was our last argument?

Oh, about the cot thing in the bedroom if we have another baby.


Abandon all thoughts of budget and probability – what would be your ideal way to spend Valentines Day?

A trip somewhere, by flight!

Not to a tropical place, but a place where you have to bundle up and cuddle and stuff.

(And what would we do in this cold place?) Bundle up and cuddle and stuff?

In 20 years from this exact moment where do you hope we are?

Financially comfortable, you not working, at least two kids (AT LEAST? Whaaaaat!)

I don’t know where where – here or England I don’t really mind either way.

Bonus Question!

As those of you who know our story will know, Daddydaims and I were still in the very early days of our relationship when we found out I was pregnant.

What bit of advice would you give to anyone who is in the position you found yourself in?

Although everything feels rushed – don’t rush.

I think we were very smart in the fact that although, traditionally, the expectation was to get married, we’re lucky the way it turned out – that we were each others ‘person’

Daddydaims is soooo getting some this Valentines Day.

Thank you to my (apparently super romantic!) husband for giving me a whole 8 minutes of your time during Arabella’s nap, you’re an absolute champ.

There is nobody else on this earth I would rather share a tiny human with.


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