Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Range Review

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s

When it comes to taking care of your babies skin, you are spoiled for choice.

Unfortunately, with such a large – often overwhelming – amount of options, there is a kind of pressure to make sure you select the best option for your tiny human.

In my case, the choice (or lack thereof) was pretty simple.

I went for the very same brand that my own mother used on me: Elizabeth Anne’s.

When I heard that Elizabeth Anne’s and Purity had combined their expertise and teamed up – I thought it was an amazing partnership and couldn’t wait to try the products out for myself!

I’ve used Elizabeth Anne’s products on Arabella since she was born, and (touch wood!) I have never experienced any issues.

This is why I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to review the Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s range, because there are a few products that I just ‘haven’t gotten round to’ trying (#momlife, eh?)

Let’s Get Testing!

Honestly, I did a little happy dance when my pack arrived!

No jokes – before I even opened the box, that distinctive, gorgeous, dreamy Elizabeth Anne’s scent filled the air and I even called Daddydaims to give the air around the box a good, long sniff!

Here’s what was in the box

  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Aqueous Lotion
  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Petroleum Jelly
  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Baby Shampoo
  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Fresh Head To Toe Wash
  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Mild Baby Soap
  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Oil
  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Fresh Baby Powder
  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Laundry Wash
  • Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Stain Remover

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Baby Shampoo

Out of all the products we have tried from this range, the Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Baby Shampoo unanimously won as ‘favourite’ in our house.

Guuuuuys. The. Smell.

So, obviously you can tell, I adored the scent – but there are a bunch of other reasons why this specific product claimed top spot.

Firstly, it works. It does exactly what a good shampoo is supposed to do and the lil munchkin’s hair was left smooth and shiny after every wash this week.

Secondly, it doesn’t sting eyes. I know this first hand because I purposefully got some in my own eyes before the testing began and was delighted (not to mention relieved!) that it genuinely doesn’t hurt when it does come into contact with eyes. Arabella seconded this when some inevitably found it’s way into hers.

And finally, probably what I love most about this shampoo, it works SO well with Arabella’s beautiful curls and I found that after a good wash her hair was less knotty than usual and way easier to comb (this was a great change to our usual nighttime battle where one of us ends up crying)

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Laundry Wash

I’m not even going to lie, after using this in a few loads of Arabella’s washing, I 100% claimed this product as my own.

It. Smells. So. Good.

The scent is the weirdest thing, it smells like concentrated baby? I absolutely love it.

I used this to wash all of madams clothes for a full week and gave her teddy bears and plush toys a (much needed!) wash too.

One of my favourite things about this product is that by the time the load was done, there was no excess residue or funny marks left on the clothing –  just amazing smelling, clean garments.

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Oil

The decision was made to use this oil as a bath additive as opposed to a moisturizer, because I reeeeally don’t like the feel of oily skin.

To be honest, I am more of a bubbles over oils kind of girl and, therefore, Arabella is one too! She was quite perturbed to see me put oil in her bath instead of the usual bubbles, but once we were in the bath – the slip and slide fun began!

She had heaps of slippery fun, the bathroom smelled absolutely divine and the oil absorbed so wonderfully in to her skin – there was none of that oily residue or sticky feeling on her skin after.

The one aspect of this product that I didn’t enjoy was the part Arabella loved most – the slipperiness of the bath itself after using!

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Stain Remover

The Baby Stain Remover caused absolute pandemonium in our household!

Because it comes in a ‘roll on’ like format, Arabella was convinced it was, in fact, roll on and she tried on many an occasion to apply it to her pits ‘just like momma’ so much of the week was spent trying to keep her away from it!

The small roll-on type head made it super duper easy to apply directly onto stains on her small garments and I was chuffed to see that it actually works.

Unlike other stain removers I have tried, there was no excess and so I loved the fact that I was able to use exactly the amount needed and didn’t waste any.

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Fresh Head To Toe Wash

As a working mom, time is of the essence and anything with ‘all in one’ vibes is always a winner for me!

I love the fact that this wash can, as the name suggests, be used from head to toe – saving time on switching between products so there is more time for pre-bed snuggles!

I enjoyed using this product and felt that I didn’t need to use as much of it as I use of her regular wash to get the same amount of lather.

It also creates a decent amount of bubbles when you rinse it off and leaves the water smelling great.

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Fresh Baby Powder

I am not the biggest fan of baby powder and, to be honest, I haven’t really used much on Arabella since her newborn days.

The only time we use baby powder is in between baths, if she starts smelling a wee bit ripe.

Thankfully, Arabella is not prone to chafing so I have never had to use it for that purpose – so this week we tested out the Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Fresh Baby Powder purely for its scent and we were definitely not disappointed!

It has a fresh (clever naming there, guys!) and clean scent which we all loved and I found myself sprinkling some in her sock box!

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Mild Baby Soap

The mild baby soap is the product that I am maybe least fond of.

Reason being, and this is probably exactly why some people love it, it has next to zero scent!

What can I say, I’m extremely fond of my ‘smellies’ and for me, a huge part of being – and feeling – clean, is smelling it.

It does lather up really nicely though and I wouldn’t not use it, it just wouldn’t be my first choice, you know?

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Aqueous Cream & Lotion

The Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Aqueous Cream & Lotion was definitely Arabella’s fave!

I reckon the reason why she loves it so much is because it makes her feel like a big girl – she often sees me applying my own lotion and gets super miffed when I don’t give some for her to apply too.

I also enjoyed using this on her, it absorbs pretty quickly and has a gentle scent that I feel works well with her nighttime routine.

We were lucky enough to test out two formats of this – the push cap bottle and the squeeze tube – I preferred the push cap variant because there was a little more control as to how much comes out as a time and, obviously, Arabella preferred the squeeze tube because she could squeeze out a large amount in one (surprisingly firm) squeeze.

Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Petroleum Jelly

I freaking adore petroleum jelly and always have plenty at hand for a variety of reasons.

We were super excited to top up our supply because with this cold weather our lips have become SO dry and so we spent plenty of time applying the jelly to our smoochers!

Baby petroleum jelly can be used as a preventative for nappy rash, a tool for locking in moisture, a sealant to prevent minor cuts and scrapes from getting infected, a deeeeep moisturizer and a ‘please don’t stain my forehead/neck/ears’ trick when doing box dye’s at home.

This product is a staple in our house, and for good reason.

It smells divine and get’s the job done – whichever job that may be!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the range and will definitely be buying majority of the products to continue using them, not only as part of our nighttime routine, but as a huge part of our “keeping baby” soft and cuddly struggle.

One of my main reasons for loving this range is that the products can be found pretty much everywhere and so you can grab them all as part of your regular grocery shop.

Plus – always a biggie in my book – the products are more than reasonably priced and therefore don’t break the bank.

Thank You!

Arabella and I had loads of fun taking part in this campaign this past week.

Thank you once again Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s for letting us put these gorgeous goodies to the test and gooi our two cents in!



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      There are a bunch of great brands out there I’m sure… I just won’t be testing them out on my daughter if they don’t have a solid rep like Elizabeth Annes and Purity haha xx

  1. 7

    I love that the soap is unscented, that is what we use! I don’t find there are a lot of unscented options at reasonable prices, thanks for the advise, I’ll look for this next time!

  2. 11
    Kristine Archaia

    Purity is such a great range, I have used it too for my kids and loved it! They both have very sensitive skin and I know I can always trust this range. thanks for the very detailed review 😉

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