Nanny vs Crèche

If you are a new parent living in South Africa, I have no doubt you are or have at some stage been a part of this debate.

There are so many pros and cons that need to be carefully weighed out for each option, but I truly do believe one of the biggest roles in the decision-making process is personal preference.

In South Africa, the cost of both options is pretty much the same. Do your research, check out what’s available in your area, but most importantly – Go. With. Your. Gut!

As co-parents, we decided to go the domestic ‘nanny’ route because:

  • You don’t need to worry about your child not getting the attention they need
  • You always know where your child is
  • All of your child’s belongings remain in your home (you never need to worry about doing a shit job packing the nappy bag)
  • Your child is exposed to less “icky” germs
  • You can determine your child’s daily routine – what your child does and when
  • You don’t need to worry about a creche’s strict operating hours

There are, of course, some cons. Things like: when your nanny goes on leave you will need to have a backup plan in place; your child is not interacting with other kiddos; your child might not be getting the level of interaction and education appropriate for their age and finally, routines aren’t as structured as at a creche.

Saying all of this, we have the best nanny in the world. She is wonderful and Arabella absolutely adores her (sometimes she likes her more than me!) We love you Doris!

If you do decide to go the nanny route make sure to remember that, first and foremost, your nanny is there to look after your child and it’s okay if some household chores are neglected.

Also, please do not do what a scary amount of South Africans do – pay your nanny next to nothing. This person is caring for your child almost everyday and will be a huge part of their childhood. Treat them exactly as what they are – a vital part of your family.  Don’t skimp on your child’s well-being!

Happy nanny = Happy baby
Happy baby = Happy life

Tash’s Tip: Create a WhatsApp group with yourself, your partner and your nanny. Ours is called Arabella’s Adventures and wow, what a great idea it was! We are all constantly kept up to date with what’s happening in her day – when she ate or napped, what mood she is in, informed of anything we need to buy and spoiled with pictures and videos (honestly the only thing that gets you through your day!).

The first time Doris & Arabella met. Love at first snuggle.


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