Mumspiration Jozi

Back in September I was invited to a mom’s only event, Mumspiration Jozi, and I had such a great time that I decided I simply had to share my experience.

So here we go!

Upon arrival we were each given a goodie bag filled with an array of ‘mom’ type stuff; a bag of rice, roll on, deodorant, stain remover, lubricants, washing liquid, hair food, sanitary towels and some kiddies sun screen.

The day started off with a fifteen-minute long Mindfulness Session (my first introduction to any kind of yoga type experience! Yay!) led by leading yogi and life coach, Sam Smuts, to help put our worries of un-mummed kids and piling dishes behind us.

This included calming music, gentle stretching of the body and mind and an almost dosing Tash!

Was that what being relaxed feels like?

Renowned comedienne Khanyisa Bunu then took to the stage and had us all giggling in no time with her truly South African set of jokes focusing on life as a mom, life with a mom and life in Joburg as a whole.

Making lighthearted references to crime, city life, technologically challenged mothers and African families we were all chuckling away and eager to see what the rest of the day had in store for us.

We then took a tea, coffee and selfie-snapping break and took our seats in preparation for the next session.

Enter Dr Eve.

Clinical Sexologist. Couple Therapist. Sex Therapist. Author. Mother.

By FAR my favourite session of the day, man, what a woman! 😉

From the moment she strutted her stuff onto that stage, I knew we were in for a treat. Her hilarious way with words, her infectious energy, her educational tone and just the sheer amount of confidence she exuded was fabulous.

We were showered with knowledge, advice and tips that I am sure we all took away with us.

With swear words thrown in here and there, an impromptu strip tease of around 15 mom’s on stage and an open question time which featured enquiries ranging from ‘How do I tighten up after birth?’ to ‘What if I prefer sex toys to my husband?’ and even a ‘If my husband loves me why is he always trying to put it in my bum?’ which honestly had a few women cringing and gasping for air through their giggle fit.

I think I blushed a million times during her session!

Last, but certainly not least, was entrepreneur and the brains behind some of South Africa’s most successful ad campaigns, Angel Jones.

What started out as an insanely confident lady talk about how she balanced her career and family and a mini ‘how-to’ aimed at business owners and career mom’s evolved into a vulnerable, tearful mother worried about her suicidal daughter.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

Whilst I don’t quite know if this was the intention of her session, I left feeling extremely mindful of the toll a hectic work life can have on your family and made a decision to always work hard for my own daughter, but never make her feel that she and her needs come second to the demands of my job.

The only drawback for me was that I had (embarrassingly) attended with the hopes of making a new friend, after all I was in a room with hundreds of mom’s just like me, but unfortunately there was no ice breaker and so many sessions that it was difficult to seize an opportunity to start a chat or share a story.

In any case, I remain hopeful that I will soon find a mom friend (although if I can’t make a mom friend at a mom’s only event.. fml)

All in all, it was a fantastic way to spend my Saturday and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

There were some amazing ‘take home’ learnings and messages mainly (I speak for myself, as always) being self-love, breathing techniques, balance in the work world and that you have three lives in one: your life as a mom, your life as a partner and your life as a woman and that you need to dedicate the proper time and attention to each of these.

Should 2019 bring with it another Mumspiration Jozi, I will not miss it for the world!


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    Almost 30 years ago I advertised in a magazine for penpal first time moms. Those were the days before emails and Facebook 😉. I wrote letters by hand in the middle of the night when Ms Madam had other than sleep ideas 😇. From 18 original moms it dwindled to about five within the first 18 months. It was my lifeline as we all muddled through motherhood ☺. Today I’m still friends with two of them on Facebook. Our children now adults and yes two of us are doting grannies already. It kept me sane those first 18 months!!!

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    No way!!!! I was also there and had the best time with the group of ladies I was sitting with, I wish I knew you were here I would have grabbed you to join us!!!! See you next year 😉

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