Meet the Family

Momma Bear
Greetings! My name is Momma Tash and I’m feeling flattered that you’re reading this right now. I’m a twenty-something year old who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, with my beautiful little family. I have an unhealthy obsession with sushi and a love for rainy days, fancy coffees, daisies, sparkles, the colour pink, and all things dipped in glitter. I work full-time and own more notebooks than any one human should. I have a weird thing about watching serial killer documentaries and David Attenborough’s voice makes me swoon. Oh, I am also one of those girls. By this I mean that I love painting my nails, things that make me feel giggly, and watching videos of baby animals falling asleep. Some call me “cringey” while others call me “charming” but that’s neither here nor there.
The Hunk
Daddydaims is a hunk of handsomeness! He is in his early thirties, doesn’t believe in star stars (typical Gemini, eh?), and would do anything for his family. He has an opinion on quite literally everything and takes his role as Daddy -- and the accompanying duties and responsibilities -- very seriously. Every now and then he lends his words to this here blog, but I enjoy name dropping him so the more posts you read the better you’ll get to know him. Our story had a relatively rough start, but things have worked out pretty okay for us so far. Only forever will tell. Okay, okay, I promise I’ll stop being all cutesy now.
The Cutes
And last but definitely not least, we have the person who made us a family. The most perfect combination of the person I love and myself: Miss Arabella Jane. Toddler. Ruler of the roost. Pusher of buttons and melter of hearts. This little lady is the light of my life and the lives of those who know her. She’s hilarious, kind, feisty and can be described as both a human wrecking ball AND a sensitive little flower petal. She loves being naked, hates being called a baby, tolerates snuggles, and almost combusted the first time her tiny toes touched beach sand. I’m 99.9% certain no human being has ever loved a human being as much as I love her.