Life Right Now – May

May Madness

Um, what happened to May?

I am still coming to terms with the fact that we are heading into the 6th month of 2019, it feels like just yesterday I neatly outlined my hopes and goals for the year in my brand new bullet journal – HAH!

As 2019 flies by, my pulse quickens and a light sweat breaks over me as I think of all the things I have yet to do and how a bunch of my little goal checkboxes remain unticked.


Anyhoo – here’s a look at what went down in May.


Our First Hotel Stay

It is not very often that the three of us get to experience something for the first time, together – which made our very first stay at a hotel that much more amazing!

Spending the night at The Capital Melrose was not only a midweek treat but a memory that we will cherish.

Even though it was a smidge on the hectic side rushing straight home from work in the evening, doing a mad packing dash, heading to the hotel in rush hour traffic, arriving, enjoying the hotel, sleeping, and then waking up at the crack of dawn to indulge in the breakfast buffet before heading back to work it – phew – it really was wonderful.  

And So 3 Becomes 4…

Our little family has welcomed it’s latest, and fluffiest, addition.

Meet our girl Essie!

So far, it has been absolute chaos! And the ‘novelty’ of having a new body in the house has not worn off for Arabella yet and doesn’t look like it will anytime soon.

I had visions of the 4 of us in some kind of snuggle and of Arabella running around with one of the ten million toys we bought, with Essie hot on her heels. Instead, I feel like I’m constantly playing referee.

Arabella just loves her SO MUCH. She constantly wants to carry her around – which would be fine if it wasn’t by the neck! – and stroke her and just love her.

They were ‘playing’ Hide and Seek the other day.

This game consisted of Arabella holding a pillow over Essie’s face and screaming ‘Momma, Ess hide!’  

Eeeeeeep #shesnotgoingtobeapsychoiswear

One thing that is really awesome about this situation is that Arabella has really put on her big sister pants and helps us feed her and fill up her water bowl and is so kind as to sit with Essie while she poops.

What is this life?

Milo and Rach, May the 4th be with you! 

On the 4th of May, we witnessed the marriage of two of my most favourite people on this earth, Milo and Rachie.  

It was the most stunning day, both weather and wedding wise.

Best friend, you looked so incredible and were the personification of elegance and class, even when we had to swap shoes because you had wedding-brain and forgot your flats at home.

Milo, even though you have been a part of the family for what feels like forever – I am beyond happy to welcome you to the family officially.

Congratulations once again Mr. and Mrs. Lockett (pop-it, mix, unlock it)   

Mothers Day

I feel that I hype myself up every year, and always expect to be relieved of my motherly duties and pampered from top to toe for a full 24 hours. When will I learn?

Even if I did get that, my thoughts would probably be consumed with all things AJ, this motherhood thing really is 24/7

Myself and Granny were spoiled in the form of actions and were treated to a mini midday break – Daddydaims and Hyds made us lunch (pasta bake – one of my favourites!) and were on tea and coffee duty for a few hours and we spent the day binge-watching World of Dance.


Products, Products, Products  

May has been a bit of a biggie for the blog.

I gained a bunch of new subscribers (welcome, you gorgeous creatures!) and participated in my first legit product review – for Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s nogal!

It took me a while to digest that an actual brand wanted ME to review their products and I must admit I felt pretty awesome.

As if I wasn’t chuffed enough – I also got roped into the Jordan Kids campaign, which Arabella and I found so much fun AND Momma Tash got to indulge a little ‘me time’ when I was included in the Schwartzkopf Deluxe campaign.

Elections Day 2019

As the 2019 elections rolled around, so did Tash’s first time voting!

Even though it was a mission from the word ‘go’ we were done in a little over 2 hours.

Did you know that if you have a baby or toddler with you, you get put in a totally separate line filled with other baby and toddlers? Naaaaice #parentwin there  

Daddydaims and I had registered at different voting stations and so we hit his station first as it was closer to home, the process was smooth as cream cheese.

My station, on the other hand, was total chaos (obviously) and my name wasn’t on the voters roll, even though I had a little sticker on my ID as proof of registering and so they instructed me to sit down and sign an affidavit.

Which would have been fine and dandy if there were actually affidavits on the premises?

So after making a few phone calls and establishing there were no available affidavits at any of the surrounding stations, I had to draw out and fill in my own affidavit on a scrap piece of exam pad paper – I cast my vote.


VIP Exclusive Premier of John Wick 3

If you hang out with me on Instagram, you will know that I was pretty blown away to be invited to the pre-screening of John Wick 3.

What started out as an ‘OMG what am I doing heeeeeere’ kind of time turned into a successful impromptu date night for Daddydaims and I.

On a school night even!

You can read my full review of the event and the (fantastic) movie itself right here.

Buh-bye May

May was a super productive month for me all round and I feel like I have some semblance of order back in my life.

My word for the month is: prioritize.

I really struggled with this back in April (hence no Life Right Now!) and found myself slacking in certain areas of my life. Instead of knuckling down and missioning through one task at a time, I found myself half starting a bunch and finishing very few.

I have (shamefully) been known to prioritize work over family and blogging over self-care and so on and so forth, going forward, I really want to make sure that I dedicate enough time to the things that are important to me.

I have restructured my days, and even though it means waking up earlier and going to sleep later, I can already see that there has been a major shift in my productivity.

My Hopes For June

June is bound to be banging!

With my renewed sense of purpose, I am so excited to welcome to June warmly.

It’s Daddydaims’ 30th (what even), Fathers Day and our 3 year dateaversary coming up and so I plan on making this month all about Daddydaims and hope to make him feel like the wonderful husband and father that he is.

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