Life Right Now – May

May brought with it absolute may-hem (mom jokes FTW)

Seriously though, I don’t think I’ve been this tired since Arabella’s newborn days and that blissful phase when she mixed up her days and nights. 

In between my full-time job, my side hustle, social engagements, maintaining friendships, preparing for our impending immigration, AND trying to be a passable mom and wife, I haven’t known whether I was coming or going this month. 

Throw in a family drama or two, and that’s May summed up. 

Anyways, here’s what’s going on in our life right now.  

I Saw My Old Friend After a DECADE 

We started the month of May in one of the best ways possible. On the first, the most random thought popped into my head about the most random person, and I reached out to a friend of mine who was a friend of his, and BAM! 

Instant reconnection, I tell ya. 

Once the conversation got started we made plans to meet up in the morning and that’s exactly what we did. We met up at the Waterfall Market, a Sunday market that’s held at Mall of Africa every Sunday, and had the best time. 

If you haven’t been before, it’s definitely worth a visit. There are games for the kiddos, cocktail bars for their parents, and loads of food options for everyone. There’s a cover charge of R10 per adult and kids get free entrance so it makes for a budget-friendly family outing. 

The last time we hung out — give or take 12 years ago — we were troublesome teenagers with our hands full of illicit cigarettes, alcohol, and even whacky baccy. This time around, our hands were full of toys, snotty tissues, and bubble guns. 

It was definitely different, and our conversations were about our birth stories and breastfeeding rather than about which boys we were going to meet up with after school, but it was all kinds of wonderful. 

I won’t lie, it was pretty amazing meeting up with a friend and watching our own children become friends. Weird as all heck, but amazing. 

Mother’s Day 

Ah, Mother’s Day. The one day a year when we moms are thanked for all that we do. I was treated to flowers of both the real and handmade variety. 

Downtime was the order of the day in my home — as was breakfast in bed! 

Daddydaims woke up with Arabella and let me sleep in until 10:00. 

It. Was. Wild. 

When the pair of them woke me from my motherly slumber it was with a plate full of eggs, bacon, toast, garlic mushrooms, and fried onions. It even came with a side of frothy, creamy, delicious, Romany Cream Hug in a Mug. 

I can’t recall a time in my life that I have ever had breakfast in bed. I don’t know how much experience you have with eating in bed, but it is stressful AF! 

With every bite I was like “Ah, don’t get crumbs on the duvet!” and “No man, Tash, don’t spill on your pillow!”.

Anyways, once I was done with my brekkie it was time to head out and make all the moms feel all the feelings. We started with a visit to Granny and Pops’ house where we gave Granny a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her favourite colour. 

We then headed off to YiaYia and Papa’s house — again armed with a bunch of flowers in the mother’s fave colour — and celebrated Uncle Matt’s birthday.    

In between all of this, I sent my own mom flowers. It was my first time ever ordering flowers online and I was DEVASTATED when they arrived at my mom’s home in Hermanus because… 

They took THREE WEEKS to open. My mom was sending me daily updates, and I must admit that the end result was pretty amazing. But it would have been great to have her receive beautiful flowers instead of what looked like a plastic pod of alien eggs. 

Parties, Playdates, and ACTUAL PLAYS 

May brought with it a handful of parties and playdates.

Let me just say that May has been an absolute killer on our monthly budget, even though the saying goes “you can’t put a price on happiness” it’s safe to say you can, indeed, put a price on children’s birthday presents. 

We had something on every single weekend! On one Saturday we even had not one, not two, but three different social engagements. It was crazy, but when I finally layed my head to rest at the end of the longest day ever, my heart was full.  

Just as May was drawing to a close I headed off to the Pieter Toerien Studio Theatre at Monte Casino to watch Magnifica! — somma on a school night! 

It was an explosion of songs from the 80s, 90s, and 00s that my mom knows all the words to. The costumes were INCREDIBLE and, wow, can Tracy-Lee Oliver and Nigel Morkel sing! I had goosebumps for a solid 15 minutes of the one-hour show. 

There was lots of singing, dancing, and skin.

So much skin.

I saw more butts than I had bargained for, and I’m beyond grateful that Arabella stayed home with Daddydaims for a “Daddy-Daughter Night”, but it was a great way to spend the evening. Thank you for the invite, Carmen!  

It’s showing until the fourth of July, so if thongs are your thing then be sure to grab your tickets before they’re gone.

Arabella’s Antics

Dr. Seuss Day 

One of the reasons why I love Arabella’s school so much is because they have a jam-packed calendar full of fun activities and dress-up days. This month was Dr. Seuss Day and Arabella loved it! 

She dressed up as Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch and she looked awesome if I do say so myself. 

As you probably know by now, I tend to veer on the DIY side of things and this dress-up day was no different. We already had the perfect winter dress, so all I needed to do was something insane with her mane. 

I placed a Tommee Tippee bottle on the centre of her head, covered it with her hair, added a bow that I made with scrap paper from the office, secured it with a bobby pin, did a weird faux fringe with some hair, and voila

Arabella’s Boyfriend Slash Brother 

World, meet Tyler. He started out as Arabella’s schoolmate and friend but over the past few weeks — much to poor Tyler’s dismay — he has blossomed into her boyfriend slash brother. 

When Arabella announced that Tyler was her boyfriend, Daddydaims and I nearly died. I was so sure the whole boyfriend thing was only going to come into play when she was in her teens, but no, apparently we start dating at the age of four these days. 

After making it clear to Arabella that she would only be adding a boyfriend to her toy box when she turns 45 years old, she decided that she’d rather have Tyler as a brother anyway. 

Posts You May Have Missed

Guys, I’m so incredibly proud of the One Mom series. The response has been absolutely incredible and I’m so honoured that I got to celebrate a bunch of fantastic moms in the spirit of Mother’s Day. 

I dedicated so much time and effort to put the series together and I’m chuffed that things panned out so nicely. In case you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, here’s the lowdown. 

The first post in the series — One Mom Who Pushed — tells the tale of Judy from Fun Mamma SA and her seven natural births. As someone who had a C-Section, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to talk about alternative birth options and I didn’t hold back in my line of questioning. 

The second post in the series — One Mom Who Had a Little Help — focuses on Cristy and her journey to motherhood through IVF. I learned SO MUCH from this post and I strongly suggest you give it a read so that you better understand the IVF journey and what those who embark upon it go through.

The third post in the series — One Mom Who Made a Splash — discusses Kirsten from Doing Life With Us and her home water births. This post really helped me re-evaluate my thoughts on water births and, honestly, it’s something that I would seriously consider should a second baby be on the cards.

The final post in the series — One Mom Who Hid Her Baby From The World — shares the story of my dear friend Casey who got pregnant at a very young age. It was so difficult for me to read through Casey’s answers because I knew her at the time, but knew nothing of what she was going through and I wish I could have supported her.   

Toodle-Pip, May!

I’m not going to lie, May hit me hard. I was exhausted halfway through and wondered how I was going to get out of bed, let alone get through the month. 

Even though it feels like there are a million things to do, a million places to go, a million people to see, a million lunches to pack, and a million dishes to wash, my word for the month is ‘rest’. 

June is a pretty big month for us. It’s Daddydaims’ birthday and our meet-aversary, and Father’s Day so it’s safe to say the whole month will be centred around my handsome fella. 

Anyhoo, that’s it from me. Catch up again next month!  

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