Life Right Now – March

March was filled with up’s and downs and as my little baby’s second birthday approached, my emotions were all over the place.

It was messy.

A month filled with non-stop, well, everything!

Kids turning two out of nowhere, parties, concerts, financial strain, family issues and the teeniest emotional breakdown (that was heaps of fun!)

Here is the low-down on all things March.


International Women’s Day

So. Much. Pink.

I celebrated International Women’s Day by attending my ever first church event, the Flourish Ladies Night hosted by New Life Church, Bryanston.

At first, I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the event (and the church itself) and immediately felt self-conscious and uuuuuber awkies.

But I eventually warmed up and enjoyed the awesome evening filled with passionate praise, inspiring testimonies, powerful prayer and sparkles, sparkles, sparkles!  

By the end of the night, I was feeling empowered, inspired and SO grateful for my diamond of a life and everyone in it.

Our First Concert!

Daddydaims and I went to our first ever proper concert together, and it was awesome!

Ed Sheeran absolutely rocked our socks, Passenger was incredible and, as much as I would love to be all ‘local is lekker’ vibes, Shekhinah was super bleh.

While the concert experience itself was amazeballs, the Ubering home sitch was a nightmare! After an unguided, 5km walk through unlit streets in Soweto we made it to the pick up spot: a field.

Not just any field, but a field packed with literally thousands of people waiting to Uber home.

They organised it as well as I organised Arabella’s nappy bag during my early days as a first time mom: terribly!

I Learned Some Stuff

Earlier this month I attended a Human Centered Design Workshop hosted by my peeps Tenaka and it was insanely interesting across the board, I met loads of cool people and even acted as Researcher in our in-field data gathering session.

I am also learning how to knit, and so far –  I suck!

But I tell you what, it is so unbelievably therapeutic and I am going to keep practicing until I make the most amazingly holey, uneven and so-not-wearable-in-public scarf this world has ever seen.



Arabella’s Antics

So, my kid turned two.

I’m honestly having a hard time dealing with this and I’m not entirely sure why.

I guess I’m just freaking out that a whole two years have passed since Arabella’s Arrival.

Half of me wants to sing and dance and burst with joy that I get to watch my daughter grow up into such an incredible person, but the other half is a millisecond away from a complete nervy b because she is so big and she used to be so small and where the actual is the time going?

I want her to grow up, but I want her to be little forever?

I’m pretty sure this is what a mental break reads like.


We are Two, Bru!

We began our precious girl’s birthday celebration by waking her up to a (terrible) rendition of Happy Birthday and a balloon ambush of note. She was so excited about that, she kept screaming “Balloons in MY bed”, which was just too cute.

We ate some cake, she got spoiled by her Granny and Grampa with a bunch of new clothes and momma and Daddydaims pretty much followed her lead in terms of what to do for the day.

Let’s Partaaay!

A week after her birthday (yesterday) we had her birthday party at The Bird Garden at Monte Casino, which was so awesome!

Naturally, the day started out as one of those where the ATM you stop at doesn’t have cash, the birthday girl spills her grannies coffee all over herself and you end up late for the party you planned (I haaaate being late so this sucked in particular!)

But, thankfully, the day sorted itself out and once we entered the park it was smooth sailing.

We watched the Flight of Fantasy show which included crows that pick up trash, crane’s showing off their stuff and a bunch of birds soaring over your head to land on the perch behind you.

A balanced split of educational and entertaining – the show is a must!

Probably more suitable for the older kids, but if your kid is as obsessed with birds as mine is, the age-appropriate thing doesn’t matter.

The park itself is stunning. Beautifully maintained lawns, clean enclosures and jam-packed with so much to see!

I highly recommend checking it out, and be sure to ask about their discounted group rates!

We ended the birthday celebrations off at our place where we had some friends and family pop in for some coffee, cake and good times.

Thank you so much to everyone for the thoughtful gifts, our kid sure felt the love with all her spoils!  

I think I’m an iPod

So, the lil nugget is seriously into her nursery rhymes at the moment and one of her favourite things to do is randomly burst out in song.

I made the mistake of letting on that I too know these songs and since then she has just been demanding I sing them to her.

Now, this would be alright if she would actually let me complete a song – but nope. She insists I start a song, and then at her instruction obvs, start another and another and another.

I’m like a walking, spazzy, dubstep mix of baa-baa-twinkle-head-happy I tell ya.

There Is Not A Baby In My Tummy

Ah, this poor peanut.

She is absolutely convinced that there is a baby in my tummy and boobjuice in my milkers.

She lays on my tummy and either strokes it or pokes it, whispering sweet nothings, and she has been pinching my nipples like nobody’s business (no, seriously, my nipples are nobody’s business pls stop pinching them!)

I’m convinced that she is lonely, but I legitimately don’t even know where she learned that a baby lives in a tummy?


Cheerio, March!

My word for the month is confidence.

For as long as I can remember, I have battled with low confidence.

March was honestly a bit of a struggle for me, confidence-wise, and my lack of confidence trickled into all that I did. The month was full of second-guessing myself, overthinking things and just generally beating myself up.   

Am I a good enough mother?

Is my blog worth reading?

Should I rather wear a shirt that doesn’t slightly highlight my back-fat?

Is this party up to the standards of a two-year-old?

Do I do enough for Daddydaims?  

Can I wear slip slops when my toenail polish doesn’t match my (hand?) nail polish?

I KNOW I am in the right, I have proof that I’m in the right, but, am I in the right?


Enough is enough.

And so I am.

This momma is on a mission, I can’t say to get my groove back because I never had one, but I have to believe that somewhere – deep, deep inside – there is a pool of confidence just waiting for me to dive in and bathe myself in.  

My Hopes for April?

I am confident (see what I did there) that April will bring nothing but the good stuff for my crew and I!


I almost forgot, I must mention that I am currently in the planning stages of giving my blog a whole new look and feel so my posting may be a smidge irregular while I get my ish together.


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    Happy birthday to your daughter. I remember when my kids were that age and I can say that I miss those days. This year my daughter will start school and my son will be moving up a grade and I can’t believe how fast time is going by.

  2. 13

    This was so nice, I enjoyed reading it! Glad your little one enjoyed her birthday, my youngest will be turning four soon and the time doesn’t ever seem to slow down. Keep up the great work!

  3. 17

    It looks like you had a big month mama! I love that you’ll be able to look back and appreciate the fullness of life this month!

  4. 19

    Sounds like you had a great month full of excitement. I understand the confidence struggle and love your attitude moving forward.

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