Life Right Now – March

March has been nothing short of mayhem! 

The month was mainly taken up by party planning, work, side hustling, and sorting out our home. We also did a whole bunch of budgeting, goal setting, and dreaming about our future. 

Much of March was spent with our wonderful families, and I couldn’t be happier about that. It also brought with it many ‘firsts’ for Arabella which is always ridiculously exciting.  

Here’s what was up with March.   

Cradle Moon 

This month we went to a place called Cradle Moon. It’s a lakeside game lodge that boasts hiking trails, restaurants, and a 22 hectare lake. We had zero idea anything like this even existed in Johannesburg! 

We headed out ‘into the wild’ with Rach, Milo, and beautiful baby Willow and had the best time! It was the first time that the girls A) Hung out outside of someone’s home and B) Got along.  

We had a delicious brunch and then took the girls on their first ever boat ride. For one and a half hours, we focused on not letting our kids fall overboard and it was nothing short of wonderful. 

Arabella was even allowed to drive the boat, which was so awesome and she actually did really well. Now she wants to be a skipper when she grows up, and I’m more than okay with that. 

The Rainbow Party 

Guys, everything about this party was AMAZING! From the planning to the actual party, it was awesome. Granny, Just Aunt Tal, and I put on our party planning pants and threw what I consider to be the best dang rainbow party the world has ever seen.  

We went all out for a bunch of different reasons, but the biggest reason was lockdown. You see, Arabella’s birthday is on the 23rd of March and, as you may remember, South Africa was placed into Level 5 Lockdown on the 26th of March 2020. 

You try explaining to a then three-year-old that her party was cancelled because she was living in a pandemic. All she understood was that none of her friends showed up at her birthday party. 

And so we went what most people — cough Daddydaims cough — would consider overboard, but it was worth it in every way. Arabella was so, so, so ridiculously happy and my mom-self was beaming for her. 

Even though more than half of the people invited didn’t bother RSVPing (parents, what exactly is up with that?) or cancelled in the days leading up to the party, Arabella and her wonderful bunch of friends had the most incredible time, and so did we.

Arabella’s Antics

Arabella turned four and everything feels different now. It’s as if she blossomed into this sassy big kid overnight with no warning. All of a sudden “that is for babies” and there is no way Arabella, in all of her four-ness would ever do, say, eat or play with “that”. 

Does that even make any sense? 

Anyways, this is what madam got up to this month. 

Arabella Turns 4…This is How She Feels About It 

Much like her momma’s birthday this year, Arabella’s birthday was a BIG DANG DEAL. She had four birthday celebrations.

Firstly, she headed off to school armed with two Tupperware’s full of vanilla cupcakes. She says that she had a great day and her favourite part was when her friends sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. 

Once she came home from school — sweaty, messy, and practically vibrating with excitement — Granny, Pops, Uncle Matt, and Just Aunt Tal came over for dinner, more cupcakes, and gift-opening. She was so spoilt and finally (three months is apparently FOREVER in Arabella Land) got her Ana doll to match her Elsa doll. 

Next up was the Rainbow Party, which you now know all about. 

The celebrations came to an end with one last birthday bash at YiaYia and Papa’s house. It was Papa’s birthday, and upon learning how old he was, Arabella graciously told him “you can be 54 with me.” 

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that Arabella felt very, very, very special and loved.    

Easter is in Full Swing  

Arabella’s school is big on Easter and so our house is going to look like an enthusiastic chocolate-covered DIYer dropped a homemade bomb in it. Embarrassingly, I forgot all about the first Easter event and so she arrived at school sans a hot cross bun. Shock horror!

Fortunately, one of the moms heard about our hotcrossbunlessness and sacrificed her own hot cross bun so Arabella wouldn’t go without. Thank you, Lauren, you wonderful person, you! 

Next up was the Easter Bonnet Parade event and I was determined not to let this one slip through the cracks. We didn’t have a bonnet on hand, nor an appropriate hat to ruin — I mean decorate — so we kept things simple with a piece of paper, a sosatie stick, a pink pen, and a black permanent marker. 

The Easter bunny hid little treats all over school, so Arabella came home with tall tales of Easter egg hunts and egg-swapping sessions with her friends. The last event on the roster is a representation of the Last Supper, cue the cute, which I’ll fill you in on in next month’s Life Right Now.     

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*Wipes sweat off brow*  

Laters, March!

Sjoe, I have missioned through March. In the best way, of course. It has just been so non-stop that I feel like I need to sit myself down, paint my nails, and take a breath and a bubble bath. 

My word for the month is gratitude. March brought with it many moments of complete and utter thankfulness. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for my family, my friends, my job, my side hustle, my blog, and my future. 

In April I plan on going on a “Daily Gratitude” journey. The concept is pretty simple: find one thing to be grateful for each day. I don’t think I’ll spend time prettying my log, I’m just going to write it in my diary every day. 

I had a blast in March but I think I may have pushed myself on my side hustle a little too hard, and as a result, I CONSTANTLY feel like I need a nap. Overall, I hope that things slow down just a smidge in April, but if they don’t I know I’ve got this. 

I’ve got a bunch of cool posts coming up in the next few months, so please consider subscribing if you haven’t already. Don’t worry, this mammy don’t spammy.  


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