Life Right Now – June, July & August

I know, I know, I dropped the ball — big time! 

I’d blame it on hashtag mom life but that really wasn’t the case. June hit us with curveball after curveball and, in all honesty, I just couldn’t summon up a smidge of creativity to write a blog post. 

Plus, we literally did nothing for two months so I didn’t have too much to write about. Anyhoo, here’s what happened in the last couple of months. 

The One Where They Got COVID-19 

Daddydaims’ parents got COVID-19, and because we work with his mom, we immediately shut down the office and basically started self-isolating. 

Everything was hunky-dory until Day 2. Then, out of what felt like nowhere, Daddydaims started showing symptoms. So we decided to test.  

The first time we got tested for COVID-19, Arabella hated it so much that we decided to skip her test this time and imagine that her result would align with ours. This plan would have worked swimmingly if Daddydaims and I got the same results. 

His test results came back positive, which was no surprise. 

My test results came back negative, which was a big surprise.  

We looked at Arabella like ‘WHAT ARE YOU?!” 

So that was fun. 

But, naturally, Arabella and I picked it up from dearest Daddydaims as it’s pretty difficult to isolate from somebody when you live in the same flat as them. 

Overall, it was okay. We each had one or two days where we felt like we were literally dying, but other than that we all just had regular flu-like symptoms so we were definitely lucky there.

The moment we got Daddydaims’ results we treated it as though we all had it and went into full isolation.

Self-Isolation Station 

The self-isolation was rough. It sounds so easy, but it was mentally exhausting and we developed serious cabin fever because we didn’t leave the house AT ALL. We didn’t even go down the stairs to hang our washing but instead settled for our wee maiden on the balcony.  

As difficult as it was, it was also bloody beautiful. Of course, some days were better than others but all-in-all it was amazing being able to spend so much time cooped up with the clan. 

Every day, we woke up much later than usual as we had no school run and no commute to work, we ate home-cooked lunches, did some school work, and — on the days when work permitted it — Arabella and I would colour in, or bake, or play her strange version of My Little Pony IRL.

Vaccination Station 

As soon as we found out that vaccination was open for our age group, we were on it. Myself, Daddydaims, Aunt Tal, and Uncle Matt congregated at Fourways Mall along with around 250 other (socially distanced, DOI) people. 

The queue for Dischem was horrendously long, and because of the social distancing measures, it basically snaked halfway around the mall.

The good part was that the queue was moving pretty quickly — from the moment we arrived until our 10-minute observation was over, the vaccination process took two hours. 

I don’t do needles. To the extent that when I went to get a blood test to find out if I was pregnant, I told the dude holding the needle to stop and that I’d find out in — give or take — nine months and meant it. 

But this honestly wasn’t too bad. And if it means that me putting my fear of needles aside for the sake of life getting back to normal a little sooner, I’d do it a million times over.  

Our Anniversary 

On 21 July, Daddydaims and I celebrated three years of being married. It was the first time in three years of marriage that we’ve been able to celebrate our anniversary and I’m so happy that we did. 

It was a day full of biltong, white chocolate, roses, and happy hearts. At night time, we dropped Arabella off at Aunt Tal and Uncle Matt for a few hours of fun and went out for dinner.

We took full advantage of the ‘Date Night’ at Del Fourno promotion and had such a lovely time.  

We started with a Foccacia that was thin, but not so thin that you couldn’t pick it up, crunchy in all the right ways, and smothered in fresh garlic and herbs. It came with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and butter. It was the perfect start!

For mains, we both opted for the 200g steak. The steak was lightly seasoned in salt and pepper (definitely not the right choice for a saucy steak lover!) and cooked to perfection. The chips were of the shoestring variety and were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and seasoned really nicely.

We didn’t get to eat our dessert at the restaurant (can’t forget about that 9 PM curfew, South Africa!) and so we had our Malva pudding and custard to go.  

Career Day 

It was Arabella’s first career day this month, and boy did we have fun with it! After a fruitless search for an old white shirt to turn into a lab coat, I had to get creative. 

Arabella changes her mind on what she wants to be when she grows up as quickly as Johannesburg weather changes. In the week leading up to career day, she wanted to be a vet, a lifeguard, a server, a chef, and a rock star. 

I scrambled around the house looking for anything to make any of the above work when I heard Arabella playing her keyboard in her bedroom.

Inspiration struck hard and fast I tell ya. 

After realising that a) Arabella doesn’t own a studded leather jacket, b) Arabella doesn’t own any black clothing for that matter, and c) I wasn’t comfortable putting eyeliner anywhere near her eyes, I ruled out rockstar and asked her how she felt about pop stars.

On cue, Arabella decided that, actually, she wants to be a pop star when she grows up. I pulled out her rainbow birthday skirt, a cute little top she’s had for ages, an empty toilet roll tube, and an old Christmas bauble and we were aces.  

I cut some stars out of paper and stuck them to her DIY microphone and face and with the help of Aunt Tal’s glue gun (for the microphone, not her face) we had Career Day in the bag with 24 hours to go.   

An Update 

During the past two months, I did a lot of thinking, and I’ve decided that I’m going to decrease the number of posts that I upload to the blog on a monthly basis.

With my side hustle taking off so incredibly, the realisation that physical time spent together doesn’t equal quality time, and my raging desire to be a better mom, I need to reshuffle my priorities list. 

I also need to remember that this blog is supposed to be my fun, safe, space where I can express myself, educate, and share my stories. 

Usually, I upload a new post every Wednesday and then a Life Right Now post on the last day of every month. So, in total, I’d typically end up with five blog posts except when the last day of the month is a Wednesday. 

Going forward, I’m going to be posting a new post every second Wednesday and then a Life Right Now post on the last day of the month. So instead of ending up with four to five blog posts a month, I’ll end up with two to three. 

This is not just a ‘now’ decision, but one that I feel I would have had to have made in the coming months in any case. I also hope that it will be a beneficial one to my readers, as now I’ll have more time to devote to one blog post and be able to do intensive research when necessary. 

I hope that I’m not disappointing anybody, or letting the blog down, I just feel that I need to follow a writing schedule that works in harmony with my other responsibilities.  

Did The Past Few Months Even Happen? Bye Then 

Honestly, June was weird. In one way it feels as though it dragged on and on, and in another, it feels like it didn’t even happen. That May seamlessly morphed into July, with only an insane amount of washing and a ridiculously high grocery bill as evidence that June was even a thing.  

In May, I chose ‘rest’ as my word of the month and I guess — in a way — I kind of got what I asked for. Even though we worked throughout our self-isolation, and some days were manic, it was much less stressful being at home and we got to spend a lot of time together. 

July was a blur of working from home, living with the fear provided by the rioters, and finally getting round to my list of things to do “later”. August brought with it much of the same. 

This month, I’m choosing ‘Focus’ as my word of the month. I need to keep what is important at the forefront of my life and mind and keep focusing on what matters.

That’s it from me, I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new post. 


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