Life Right Now – January

Life Right Now: January

January has been absolutely mental here in the Elder household.

After a slow, but wonderful, start to 2019, things soon picked up at a dizzying pace and didn’t seem to slow down for what felt like forever!

As we all know, January is usually a complete and utter cow of a month but thankfully that is not the case for this famdam this time round (touch wood!) this month has brought with it nothing but smiles.

It’s crazy how much happens in the space of a month so I thought I would get you all caught up with everything that went down in the first month of the brand new year.


MY 23rd BIRTHDAY – Cupcakes, Kisses and Couple Pacts

On January 5th, I turned 23. Twenty-freaking-three.

I welcomed my birthday by being smothered in midnight kisses (courtesy of Daddydaims) and pretty much from 00:00 onwards was spoilt rotten.

Lie-in’s and all.

We went on a legitimate (toddler free, can you believe!) date to the cinema where watched Aquaman and enjoyed paper straws dissolving in our mouths by the second. Popcorned up (a mistake), we then went out for an incredible dinner at the Eatalian. Craft gin cocktails, mussel pots, pasta and the chocolatiest chocolate mousse I have ever experienced were the order of the night.

My face hurt from smiling.


Back To Work

After enjoying a truly awesome holiday time, hi ho hi ho it’s back to work I go!

My return to work was a slow one. It was only the bossman and I – the rest of the office team was still on holiday along with all of our clients and so I filled my time with reviving plants, sorting out filing and tackling the store room.

Beeeeeeeeg mistake.

Within a week, office life returned to normal and December daydreams and worries of what plant food to buy flew out the window – replaced with the (terrifying) financial year end deadlines’ inevitable approach.

For those who don’t know, I’m a financial administrator – 6 months in (and counting) this will be my first financial year end and I’m literally breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it while I write this.

The awesome work-related news is that for the first time EVER my birthday was celebrated by non-family members. January babies will feel me on this – when I was in school, my birthday always (obviously) fell during the holidays and so I never got to celebrate with my friends, bring a cake to school or any of that jazz and when I entered the work world it was the same story all over again – until I started working for my wonderful company!

Adopting The Mom Cut

As lame as it sounds, cutting my hair was a huge deal for me – so much so that I’m actually going to write a whole post about it.

You see, I have always been a believer of ‘you only have one head of hair’ and for a while my interpretation of that was ‘so YOLO! Dye it Blue, Boo!’ and it very quickly turned into ‘Okaaaaay, why is my hair falling out?’ and so I decided to start taking better care of my hair.

Cue: The Mom Cut.

Taking Part in The Every Nation Fast

During the week of the 21st, my family took part in a fast with our church (and churches all around the world!) and pheeeeew it was a challenge of note.

I eliminated all forms of social media and networking from my life and replaced it with bible study, prayer and hardcore bonding with my girl!

Daddydaims on the other hand opted for a water fast (meaning he replaced all meals with water instead of food) and boy, that was challenging. Not only for himself, but for us as a household. For a dude who gets hangry when he misses lunch by an hour or so, this fast was a massive undertaking. A strength I didn’t know he possessed slowly appeared and I am so proud of him for successfully completing his fast (and for myself for putting up with him 😉 )


Arabella’s Antics

Of course, my chickadee gets her own section, because once I start writing about her… I just can’t seem to stop.

With the arrival of January came many changes in my almost-2-year-olds life.

The level of sass this child possesses is unreal.

She now dresses herself and any outfit recommendations from momma or Daddydaims are harshly rejected. Sometimes, she genuinely looks amazing. Others… well, why shouldn’t you leave the house in miss-matched shoes? Puh-lease.

Babies, babies, babies!

Arabella is officially obsessed with babies. Where this obsession came from, I have no cooking clue, but it is now a very prominent feature in our daily conversations. Every child we see, from newborns to like 10 year olds, is greeted with screams of ‘BABA! BABBIE! BABY!’ Every toiletry item that has a baby on the packaging simply has to be cuddled.

She has also become super tight with ‘Babbie’ (NEVER to be confused with small baby ‘Babbie’… trust me…) who is an astronaut-themed Barbie that came with a Happy Meal. It’s like we have another child I swear. Babbie gets her own bed, has to be a passenger in every car drive and is permanently in her AJ-packed backpack (this backpack also includes her juice, her Stickee, her pink toy cellphone, and one single Dorito chip)

Our Moment of Pure Parental Pride

This has been the moment.

The moment where I sat back and thought to myself ‘We must be doing something right in this whole parenting thing’.

Picture this: A huge family event. A massive storm. A tent.

When we head to events of any kind, we kind of expect to be absent for 99.9% of the time. As I’m relatively confident most toddler parents do. Simply because when you are SO small and the world is SO big: there is SO MUCH STUFF to do, see, touch, taste, smell and break. We often take Arabella for strolls around wherever we are and at some point or another one of us will entertain the kiddo whilst the other engages in actual real-life adult conversation (mmmm….goosebumps!)

This time round however, that wasn’t an option and as the storm began to show us what it was made of and a small river started to flow beneath our table – a slow, creeping fear took over me. What kind of a toddler, never mind our hurricane of a child, can be content to just sit and chill, for hours at a time, you know?

With literally no dry ground to walk or run on, no areas to explore and her precious attention span being similar to that of a goldfish – I was fully prepared to hastily say our goodbyes at the first sign of her discomfort.

And boy, oh boy – my heart could have exploded.

After gently explaining that she couldn’t go and play outside the tent (or even get down off our laps!) this kid of ours was SO happy to bounce between the laps of myself, Daddydaims and her beloved GG. She kept herself (and us) entertained by singing, dancing, pointing at balloons, oohing and ahhing at the sound of the rain pummeling the tent, crossing the bridge of laps, eating chip and dip, playing with anything she could get her hands on and loooong conversations of gibberish.

Not the slightest hint of a tantrum in sight, not an ounce of boredom present, not a single episode of ‘misbehaviour’ and two extremely proud parents.

So long, January!

Overall, January was an absolute treat over here in TashLand and if I had to choose a single word to summarize the past month I can honestly say that it would be ‘Contentment’

If February brings me even and my sleuth even half the happiness that January has, I will be a supremely happy Tash.

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