Life Right Now – February

February started out as a bit of a bleh month, I think I was so pumped up from January and everything that it brought, that I was slightly disappointed when February lazily strolled into 2019 and didn’t match my oomph to just go, go, go!

Thankfully, February eventually picked up on my vibe and threw some awesome things my way  – like becoming a featured blogger on South African Mom Blogs.  From mid-February onwards it has been non-stop! 

Anyhoo, enough chit chat – here are the highlights of this month.


My Second Birthday

Ah, I have goosies just typing this!

I am proud to announce that on Sunday the 24th of February, this momma got baptised.

It was a super duper intense, life-changing experience and one I will remember for the rest of my days. I couldn’t be happier with the direction my life is heading in.

As if something so momentous could get any better, I had the crazy privilege of being baptised by my amazing mother-in-law, which was so incredibly special.  

Thank you to everybody who is supportive of my journey, the love I have been feeling lately is astounding.

And to the 200 followers my instagram lost because I have been sharing a bit of my journey with you, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry 😉

F is For…


The dreaded F word took over the Elder house this month and it has not been fun!

It sucks  when your child is sick, but it is a million times worse when you are also feeling sick.. Because who looks after you while you are looking after the sickling?

It hit Arabella and our beloved Dodo first, then knocked me on my butt and as soon as we were on the road to recovery – BOOM – Daddydaims is manned down too!

I mean, come on.

As much as I absolutely hated Arabella feeling rubbish, I did love the drugged up snuggles my usually anti-snuggle girl gave me… Does that make me a terrible parent?

Valentines Day

Or lack thereof!

Daddydaims and I did do a fun little Q&A in the spirit of gooeyness, but other than that V-day was a total non-event in our home this year.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that right now our lives are centred around keeping our toddler alive and romance is taking a backseat? Or that we were getting over a nasty bout of flu?

Or maybe it’s because January legit felt like the longest month ever and buying cheesy cards, choccies and roses were just not on our list of priorities?

Who knows.

Mebbe next year V-day.

The Financial Year End

The deadline for the financial year end has been the bane of my existence this month, it has been my job to recon our financial records over three separate platforms and my brain is now officially broken.

It was one heck of a challenge and my first time doing anything of this magnitude since I joined this industry – but I think I embraced the challenge.

Even though 99% of this experience genuinely sucked, I cried actual tears of joy once my numbers finally balanced across all three platforms.

Arabella’s Antics

Ah, my china-bean sure has kept me on my toes this month. Obviously it’s sods law at work – in my last Life Right Now post I was raving about my parenting win and how chuffed I was with my chickadee.


Arabella has been SO rough on her momma and Daddydaims this month. She has stopped saying ‘no’ and has replaced the word with ‘nah’ and a face that looks like she stood on something too gross for words.

Nah is her answer to everything. Do you want a biscuit? Nah. What’s your name? Nah.


…Millipedes’s FTW?

Shongololo’s are the current obsession. We made the mistake of pointing one out to her on an impromptu ‘let’s get takeout’ family excursion and now all she wants to do is watch videos of them, which sucks for us because there’s an unsurprisingly low amount of them.

This obsession is super weird because she loves seeing them but is genuinely terrified of them. She cries if I don’t hook her up with a vid, and then she cries when I do.

This toddler thing man.

We Speak In Sentences Now!

This seems to have happened over night.

One day it’s ‘room’ and the next it’s ‘in my room’. Not only is she forming sentences, but all of a sudden she knows all these new words.

As much as I hate to admit this – I have always been paranoid about Arabella’s vocabulary development and have been stressing that she isn’t ‘where she should be’ (yes, I know i’m the worst mom in the world – i’m working on it I promise!)

I am massively relieved that her communication skills are improving by the day to such an extent that other people can understand her and not just her momma and daddy.



Toodles, February!

My word for the month is this: consistency

Being consistent is something I often struggle with. I get super excited about something, devote a bunch of time and effort into it and then… nada.

As rubbish as it sounds, I find that once the novelty wears off, so does my commitment to it.

This is something I have been working on for the past couple of weeks and, even though some days require so much more effort than others, I have really been trying my best to be consistent in all areas of my life – and now I am seeing the results.

By blogging consistently, I have gained new subscribers. By sharing content on my Facebook and Instagram pages I have seen my engagement rate go up.

Guys, I had over 500 visits here the other day (I nearly died, obviously, and then immediately phoned Daddydaims)

This little experiment has proven worthwhile and I aim to be consistent in all areas of my life going forward.


My Hopes for March?

I don’t even want to think about March because I will be the parent to a two year old and that is something I legit can’t deal with right now.


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  1. 1
    Haley @ The German Gypsy

    Congratulations on your second birthday! That is exciting news and I genuinely rejoice with you!

    I’m completely fascinated by the new words I am learning. If you hadn’t posted the picture of a centipede, I would never have known what you were talking about! This is awesome.

    I need to increase my own vocabulary usage around my baby. I’m afraid she’s at a disadvantage as I’m a single mother so she doesn’t get to witness me talking to other people and I only say so much about her playing, eating, and crying. Haha.

    • 2

      Thank you so much! I won’t lie I had a proper giggle reading your comment – shongololo is a word I use almost every day so it never occurred to me some people might have never heard it 😂

      Big ups to you single momma! You inspire the heck out of me.

  2. 3
    Brittany F.

    First, congrats on your baptism. What a wonderful experience and beautiful experience. So happy for you and your spiritual journey. Also, I love that your word of the month is consistency. This is an area I need to work on as well.

    • 4

      Thank you so much! I am stoked to finally be heading in a direction I’m proud of. And yep, to be honest I don’t know anyone who couldn’t do with being more consistent 😂

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