Momma’s Money – How To Make Extra Money

Momma’s Money – How To Earn Extra Money

Ah, money!

Once you make a person you literally watch your money get wiped away, neatly folded and thrown into the nappy bin.

Being a parent is a full time job, unfortunately one that doesn’t come with a full time paycheck (or any for that matter)

As we all know, the joy of having kids comes with it’s own set of expenses. Think of the endless nappies, toiletries, clothes, toys, school/nursery/nanny fees, doctors visits and food.

Nevermind mom and dad’s expenses!

Parent or not, I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t need a little extra cash every now and then and with the current economic situation in South Africa… let’s just say that it can’t hurt to squirrel some away or set up a rainy day fund.  

With all that being said, I’m going to mention a few great ways how mom’s like us (or anyone for that matter!) can earn extra money online, in the real world and from home.

Ways To Earn Extra Money

Believe it or not, there are actually a decent number of ways to make some extra money that don’t involve sacrificing your pride and soul to a MLMS (Multi Level Marketing Scheme) or selling your organs on the black market.

And yes, I associate the two together. 😉 

Whilst none of the following avenues are going to make you millions overnight, if you put in some time and effort you can definitely make a pretty penny on the side!

Making Money With Market Research

Companies need to know what their consumers think and feel about their products and services. They need answers to questions like ‘What do they like/dislike about our offering? How do they use our products? Why do they choose our competitor’s product over ours?’

And they pay good money to get these answers.

This is where everyday consumers like you and I come in.

Making Money With Online Surveys

Hands down my favourite part about online surveys is that all you need is the internet, a smartphone or laptop, and some time to kill.

Plus, it is a great way to do your bit as a consumer and help the companies you know and love and make some money at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are many, many scams out there. Trust me, I know!

The online survey sites I am about to recommend have been tried and tested (by yours truly) and whilst I am sure there are many other legit places out there I am only including those that I have actually made money through.



Mobrog is definitely one of my all-time favourite online survey sites because they have loads of surveys available at a time. They pay you in dollars straight to your PayPal account! Also, every time you refer someone and that someone actively participates you earn $1. So click  here to sign up 😉

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is fantastic, although they don’t pay cash they reward you in vouchers for Takealot, Yuppiechef and Zando. You can sign up here.

The Panel Station

TPS is an incredibly active survey site that will have something for you to participate in pretty much daily. You can choose to use your points toward a gift voucher or be paid straight into your PayPal account. You can sign up here.


GlobalTestMarket is also super active and the surveys are often genuinely entertaining. You can choose to convert your points to a Takealot voucher or be deposited into your (you guessed it!) PayPal account. You can sign up here. 

Almost all of the above sites have an option that allows you to donate your points to charity which I think is really sweet.

If you know of any other 100000% legitimate sites, let me know and I will check them out and include them in my next Momma’s Money post.

Making Money With Focus Groups

Think online surveys, but on steroids!

Focus groups are predominantly in-person sessions, they take longer and you physically have to go to a market research venue BUT the money is great (anything from R300 upward at a time!) they are super fun and it is an awesome way to meet people.

Because you can make such good money by attending market research sessions there are a bunch of rules and regulations – for instance you may only attend a session every 6 months.  

Hands down, the best company to send you to a focus group in Jozi is Indigo Focus. They also offer online studies, one on one interviews, workshops and more.

If you are keen to make some money, make a friend and make a difference – definitely worth signing up over here !

Making Money By Selling Your Shizz

With all sorts of platforms like gumtree, olx and facebook marketplace (not to mention the private ‘Buy and Sell’ groups in your area) it has never been easier to get rid of unwanted and unneeded stuff.

Not only is getting rid of things you no longer use a great way to make some extra money but your home (and therefore life) has so much less clutter in it.

If you do decide to sort out your house for items to sell  just remember, you are selling to everyday people like yourself just looking for a deal that’s better than buying new – so make sure your prices are fair.

Making Money With Events

What sounds better than getting free entrance to awesome events, working with wonderful people and making money at the same time?

Not much in my opinion.

Working at events is a favourite pastime of mine and I honestly loved each and every gig.

I have done everything from capturing scores at golf days, scanning people in at lifestyle festivals, assisting delegates at international conferences, worked the bar at music festivals and I’ve even worked an event where my sole purpose was to show peeps where the loo was!

At the end of the day your feet may be sore but your wallet will be full.

If you are keen to get into the events industry on an event-per-event basis and make some moola check out ZASHA.

Making Money By Working Odd Jobs

Working odd jobs is awesome because of the sheer variety of one-time, part time and casual jobs out there!

I have found that the best way to find an odd job is to either scour the classifieds in your area or pop a message out to friends and family and let them know that you are keen to make an extra buck and they need just holler if they need a helping hand.

My odd job?

I submit proposals for the awesome Copley Sutton over at and bag him and his team some extra copywriting gigs. Sure, I am not able to quit my real job or anything but knowing I have this extra income coming in every month makes me breathe a little easier come month end.  

Making Money With Your Profitable Skills

Every time I see an amazing blanket or scarf or headband my granny has knitted – I want to shake her for not using her skills to make some extra money!

Seriously, if you have a skill why not try turn your hobby into a way to increase your income?

Not only are you doing something you enjoy and are good at, but you are providing people with a unique product that is literally one of a kind and making money. All at the same time!  

For example, if you are a great baker and know that some of the other moms’ at school can’t bake or don’t have time to bake anything for the bake sale, offer your skills and make a quick buck.

Who knows, word could spread and next thing you know  you have orders coming out of your ears!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a bunch of different ways you can make some money that all require different amounts of time, effort and energy. Some can be done from the comfort of your home while others mean you actually get to get out of the house!

By this point you’ve probably realised I am always keen to make an extra buck and would be super interested to hear of any ways you make some ching on the side!

Now that we have made all this extra money… get ready for next weeks Momma’s Money post on how to spend and save it!


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    This is a great list for moms who want to make some money on the side! I know as a SAHM having a small income can make a huge impact.

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    Patrizia male

    Thanks for all the links back to our site xxx.

    We hope a lot of people get opportunities.

    We have proper online surveys now too for kids aged 13-19 all LSM’s. And adults aged 23-29 but strictly living in townships up to LSM 6. Need loads of people countrywide. You can update your Indigo section if you wish. The new link is on our new spunky website.

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    This is an awesome list not only for moms who want to make some money on the side but for anyone else! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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