Going Government – What to Take with for Your Clinic Visits

If you have made the decision to go government (by choice or circumstances) the most important thing is to make sure you have all your ducks in a row and that you take all the important stuff with the first time round – trust me! If you show up without the necessary documents, you will be sent away.

  • Identity Document – this can also be your passport. They do not accept copies (not even certified ones) so make sure you take your original.
  • Proof Of Residence – this is to make sure you are receiving care in your nearest ‘zone’. If the place you chose is not in your ‘zone’ they will refer you to the clinic/hospital in/nearest to your ‘zone’
  • Bank Statements
  • Letter Of Employment – if you are not working you don’t need to present this.
  • Referral Letter – this is only if you have been receiving private care prior to going government.
  • Some kind of entertainment – you will probably have to wait a good couple of hours, so I found it best to take a book and some magazines with. Be warned though – your magazines will almost definitely be borrowed by other momma’s and end up on the ooother side of the clinic, so bring a few!
  • Snacks and water – again, you have some decent wait time in store, so bring along some snacks and something to sip on.



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