6 Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

Truth time: I freaking LOVE baby showers.

Seriously. I love everything about them. It’s one whole day dedicated to the mom-to-be and the precious bun she’s baking in her miraculous oven. It’s a day of laughter, excitement, a couple of tears dropped here and there, and gifts galore. 

While I haven’t been to too many baby showers just yet (friends, can you guys like start making babies already? kthanksbye) the handful that I have been to have been tons of fun. 

My own baby shower was absolutely awesome and I truly had the best time ever. It was planned by my incredible best friend — shoutout to Rach — and our in-womb Arabella was so spoilt that Daddydaims and I cried after. 

Anyways, as I’ve made friends with more moms I’ve come to a realisation that shocked me to my core: not everyone enjoys baby shower games. Gasp!

Not all baby shower games are created equal. Sniffing melted chocolate that has been smeared into a diaper and tasting pureed baby foods that are different levels of disgusting isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. 

To up the chances of your guests enjoying every aspect of your shower, here are 6 baby shower games that don’t suck. They also don’t put people on the spot, force participation, or involve putting anything gross in your mouth. 

You’re welcome. 

6 Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

1. Baby Shower Bingo 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but opening the presents is my favourite part of baby showers. And birthdays. And Christmas. You get the gist. So while I need no further entertaining in this area, I find the idea of baby shower bingo wonderful. 

Take typical pregnancy must-haves and baby shower gifts like onesies, bottles, and specific toiletry items and insert them into a bingo grid card. If the mom-to-be or baby shower host has sent out a list of desired gifts, use this! 

Every time a gift is opened, guests must mark the bingo block. The guest who marks off five blocks in a row wins a prize. 

2. No Baby Talk 

I know what you’re thinking. No baby talk at a baby shower? Madness! This is a game that was played at my baby shower, and I loved it. The guests got weirdly competitive and it was absolutely hilarious to witness.

The only rule is that nobody is allowed to say the word ‘baby’ in conversation. Upon arrival, all guests are given a single washing peg that is pegged onto their clothing. Every time you bust someone saying ‘baby’, you take their peg from them.

At the end of the shower, the person with the most pegs is the proud winner of the prize.   

3. Diaper Notes 

At some point or another, all mothers will find themselves changing a diaper for the umpteenth time in the dead of night while they either question their decision to procreate or shoot death stares at their partner who is sleeping soundly.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stumble across a diaper with a word of encouragement on it? That’s the sole purpose of the diaper notes game. At the shower, guests are encouraged to write notes to the parents-to-be on a disposable diaper.   

The notes can be funny, heartfelt, or motivational — anything that will help the diaper-changer not feel so alone when they happen to discover the note. 

4. Mom or Dad 

This is a great option for those who choose to have a co-ed baby shower. It’s guaranteed to turn your baby shower into a laugh fest and give your guests a chance to get to know you and your baby-making partner even better. 

A bunch of facts pertaining to the mother or father-to-be are presented to the guests who need to guess which parent the fact belongs to. The facts should relate to the childhoods of the parents. 

Who breastfed until they were six years old? Which parent still sleeps with a childhood teddy? Was it mom or dad who had an imaginary friend?     

5. Guess Who 

Guess Who is a great baby shower game that gets all of the guests involved from the get-go. A few days before the shower, ask guests to send you a photo of themselves as a baby or toddler. 

Number the photos and lay them out on a flat surface or peg them up onto a piece of string and let your guests guess which adult the baby photo belongs to. Ask them to write out their guesses on a piece of paper that should be passed to the person next to them for marking once they’re done.    

One by one the guest who each photo belongs to should stand up and grab their photo. The person with the most correct guesses wins. 

6. Baby Trivia 

This baby shower game is not only loads of fun for those with a competitive edge and penchant for Quiz Nights, but it’s also a fantastic learning opportunity. You can come up with whatever questions you’d like, be they serious or funny, but some of my favourites are as follows.  

What is another name for a baby frog? (Pollywog)


How many diapers does the average baby use in a day? (10 to 12)


What was the most popular baby girl name in the 80s? (Jessica)


How long was the longest human pregnancy? (375 days)

My only suggestion here is to keep things fun and lighthearted — the aim is not to make the mom-to-be feel even more unprepared than she is likely feeling already.  

To Sum Up 

See? Not all baby shower games are bad, in fact, the 6 I wrote about today are downright fun. While everyone’s definition of fun is different, I’m sure that your guests will enjoy these as much as I did. 

Whether you’re planning your own baby shower or one for a friend, be sure to include some — or all if you’re hosting an all-day affair — of these baby shower games in your itinerary. 

Catch you on the flippy side, lovely mothers.

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