20 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck

Father’s Day is almost here folks! 

It feels as though the moment Mother’s Day was officially over, my Facebook feed became a battlezone of sponsored ads fighting one another for my attention. 

I barely had time to tuck my purse away before the world at large was tempting me to pull it right back out again because now it’s dad’s turn to be spoiled. 

Blatant encouragement of consumerism aside, the frustrating thing was that almost ALL of these adverts were for the same trio of items.

Apparently, there are three ways to a father’s heart: leather wallets, pocket knives, and braai tongs. 

Well, I’m here with 20 Father’s Day gift ideas to prove terribly off-target targeted ads wrong.

20 Father’s Day Gifts For Every Dad 

I know first-hand how difficult deciding on the ‘perfect’ Father’s Day gift can be.

I also happen to know how it feels to have a dad in your life that spoils all of the fun for you by going out and buying all the things he wants or needs for himself. The audacity! 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve searched high and low for Father’s Day gifts that not only don’t suck but are certifiably awesome. 

Here are the 20 that made the cut.   

1. A Make Your Own Chilli Sauce Kit 

Of all the Father’s Day gift ideas that found their way onto this list, this one is my favourite. I can’t speak for you guys, but I for one have never seen something like this in any of the (many) gift guides I’ve read. 

Not only is it super unique but it’s something that will be loads of fun to do AND he’ll be left with a gift that he — not to mention the rest of the family — can enjoy for ages. 

This Make Your Own Chilli Sauce kit includes everything he’ll need to make three different chilli sauces of his own, including glasses, labels, spice mixes, a funnel, red wine vinegar as well as cider vinegar, and dried chilli.  

2. A Back & Body Shaver 

I don’t know about you, but my baby-making buddy is hairy as heck! In Daddydaims’ case, it’s courtesy of his Greek blood and high testosterone level. While I am — I mean, he is — loving the extra layer of fur in this Winter weather, it’s not so much fun in Summer. 

That’s where the BakBlade 2.0 comes in. This bad boy can be used on wet or dry skin, has a patent-pending curved handle for easy access from any angle, and is supposedly super easy to use. 

It’s also lightweight and doesn’t take up much space, which my already overflowing bathroom shelf will be thankful for.  

3. Turn His Braai into a Pizza Maker 

Daddydaims LOVES pizza. It’s his absolute favourite food and his go-to takeout choice. I think this is an incredible idea for people who love pizza but can’t afford to invest in a pizza oven.

With this KettleCaddy goodie, you can convert your existing Weber or kettle braai into a pizza oven. You can even use it to bake bread when it’s not firing up pizzas in 3 minutes flat! 

As far as Father’s Day prezzies go, at R 2,799.00,  this is a little pricey BUT it comes with everything except the pizza itself. Plus, can you really put a price on the happiness that pizza provides?  

4. A Dad Box

I bought Daddydaims a ‘man box’ for his first-ever Father’s Day and he really liked it. It was full of beer, biltong, and a few bits and bobs. This Dad Box is a step up and it’s unique enough to be special but generic enough to appeal to almost all dads. 

The Dad Box comes with a Wallet Ninja multitool, a whiskey ice ball maker, a razor blade sharpener, a pair of socks, a sweet treat, and a packet of Beer Bread mix (more on that later!) 

All in all, I just think that this is a cute idea that is mega appropriate for Father’s Day.   

5. Monopoly: Springboks Edition 

Monopoly is a game that has truly stood the test of time by igniting ferocious competitiveness in some and providing hours of easy entertainment to others. And the Springboks are, well, the Springboks. 

What do you get when you combine the two? Monopoly: Springboks Edition, of course.

I think this is a fantastic gift for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a gift that the whole family will get enjoyment out of. Secondly, it’s a great option for rugby fans and dads who have a thing for Springbok memorabilia. 

Instead of playing with the shoe, ship, hat, dog, thimble, wheelbarrow, car, or iron you can play with a rugby boot, rugby ball, corner flag, whistle, goal posts, or trophy. 

And instead of buying properties, you build stands and stadiums. He’ll also be able to advance to his favourite players like Jesse Kriel, Siya Kolisi, and Eben Etzebeth.

6. Let Him Check His Meat 

I LOVE this gift idea because, to me, it’s the perfect gift for two types of fathers: the braai guy and the MasterChef man. 

Say goodbye to the days of salmonella stressing about whether the chicken that he was braaing really is cooked all the way through and hello to the days of juicy, perfectly cooked meat. 

A digital meat thermometer gets rid of the guessing work when it comes to cooking beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and turkey. It’s also jam-packed with cool features like auto-off, waterproofing, and a nifty LCD screen.   

7. Get Him a T-Shirt 

I know it sounds like I’m copping out here, but dang there are some great T-shirts on the shelves. There are T-shirts that make you smile, laugh, nod your head relatably, and some even act as a conversation starter. 

Naturally, it was a Harry Potter Butterbeer T-shirt that first caught my attention, but I soon found myself emerged in a world full of pop culture tees that had my heart singing and my bank balance dwindling.

Mantality has T-shirts for just about every fandom. There are T-shirts for Star Wars fans, The Big Bang Theory fans, Deadpool fans, Avengers fans, Lord of The Rings fans, Breaking Bad fans, and fans of everything in between.  

Tip for making friends as an adult: publicly display your interests on your clothing to attract potential friends.   

8. A Build Your Own Mars Rover Kit 

This next gift idea is definitely tailored to a certain kind of dad. I’m talking about the geeks, nerds, techies, and the space-obsessed who live among us! 

Make him feel like a rocket scientist for a day or two with this Build Your Own Mars Rover Kit. There’s also a Build Your Own Small Rocket available, but to each his own.

This is guaranteed to keep him busy for a number of blissful hours. Plus, if the kids are old enough they can join in on the NASA-approved fun.  

9. Mix Beer… With Baking!

Some dads like beer. Some like baking. Some like both, and this gift is for them! 

When I stumbled upon this range of products, I was stoked because they’re just so unique. Who doesn’t like beer, and who doesn’t like bread? 

These beer bread baking packs come in a bunch of yummy flavours like garlic and herb, olive and rosemary, Italian cheese, and CHOCOLATE!  

Um, yes, please. They’re cheap and cheerful and make for a great standalone gift or topper. 

10. A Place For His Headphones 

Headphones sure are awkward items. In my house at least, they’re used so frequently that they can’t be packed away into a drawer somewhere but they’re too expensive to be left out in the Arabella Zone. 

Enter one of the niftiest gifts your dad, or the guy you made a dad, never knew he needed: a headphone stand

I reckon it will make an awesome gift for dads who game, who love or play music, who work from home, and for those buggers that buy noise cancelling headphones for ‘a moment of peace’.  

It’s simple, but it’s pretty neat in my opinion. This headphone stand is proudly South African, can accommodate headphones of any size, and has a nice polished finish. 

11. A Voucher 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Vouchers suck. And for the most part, I agree with you. Vouchers can seem thoughtless, unimaginative, and a little cold. 

Except when they don’t. 

Sometimes, a voucher can be the perfect way to show your babymaking partner or your own dad that you listen when they speak. That, even though you don’t always show it, you take an interest in their interests. 

Think of his interests, and get him a voucher with those at the front of mind. If he’s a gamer get him a voucher to BT Games, if he’s a foodie get him a voucher to ‘that one restaurant’ he’s always wanted to try.  

12. Book Him a Driving Lesson

There’s always ‘that one guy’ who buys himself what he wants, when he wants, and makes gift-giving a bit of a hassle. The perfect option for such a guy is an experience rather than a gift.

If the dad in your life is a petrol-head or Forza fanatic, booking him a driving lesson is bound to make him feel gooey inside. He may even shed a man tear or two. 

There are all kinds of driving lessons available, from a crash course (or hopefully not!) in defensive driving to a half-day of drifting school, there’s an option for all.

13. Bear Claw Meat Paws 

Bear claw meat paws… Try saying that three times fast! The moment I saw these I realised that never before have I seen such a manly gift in all of my twenty-five years on God’s green Earth. 

In my eyes, they’re the perfect combination of practicality meets novelty and I freaking love them!

These bear claw meat paws can be used to shred meat, grip onto skin to ease up the carving process, toss salads, AND make the wearer feel like the latest member of X-Men. What more could you want? 

14. Teach Him a Thing or Two About Cable Management 

When I saw this pop up, I immediately thought of approximately 28 people who NEED this. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s hella handy. 

I don’t know about you, but the sight of cables strewn all over the place gives me a literal headache. I like this nifty little Cable Clip Organiser because it holds up to five cables at a time, is super durable, and the strong adhesive means it won’t be slipping out of place.   

It’s simple, but I like it. And I think dads who work from home, who often get calls in the car, and who have one too many cables lying across their bedside table will too. 

15. A Craft Beer Tasting Set 

Storytime! A few years ago, someone gifted Daddydaims’ dad a set of craft beers. Interesting gift choice for a pastor, but ok. 

Naturally, Pops wasn’t going to drink them and so he passed them onto Daddydaims. In a strange twist of fate, Daddydaims also wasn’t a drinker at the time and so they sat on our shelf (looking so cool might I add) for about a year. 

By the time he was able to indulge in a drink or two, they were vrot. And Daddydaims was sad. 

Even though he never got a chance to drink them, he thinks they were such an awesome gift and recommended I put them on this list so other dads don’t miss out the way he did. 

My memory is a bit hazy — blame it on my pregnancy brain — but I’m pretty certain that this craft beer tasting set is the exact one Daddydaims never got to taste.   

16. Get Him a Golf Lesson… With a PGA Instructor! 

Who’s your caddy? If your dude, or your dad, or both, enjoy chasing a tiny white ball across a huge field of green, this next idea was chosen with them in mind. 

I think that a golf lesson — or five — with a PGA instructor will make for a tee-rifiic experience that he will never FOREget.

Seriously though, I think that this is one of the coolest gifts ever by par. No ifs, ands, or putts.

Why am I like this?   

17. Forget ‘Me Time’ and Introduce Him to ‘He Time’ 

I’m all about ‘me time’ and the many benefits that come along with being permitted to use the loo in peace. It’s a rarity, and something of a treat, once you enter parenthood but I think it’s important to prioritize it every now and again. 

I have many forms of ‘me time’. I write for this here blog, I have a side hustle, I have a thing for bubble baths, and I paint my nails more times a week than I care to admit — all of which I view as taking time for myself.

But my FAVOURITE ‘me time’ activities are those relating to personal grooming. This type of ‘me time’ not only makes me feel squeaky clean, but it also makes me feel like I am taking the time to take care of myself.

Maybe the dad in your life isn’t taking enough time for himself, or maybe he’s not taking care of himself. Both are super important, in my eyes. That’s why I included this option on my list.

You can decide how you want to approach it, you can start small with something like a face cream or a beard care kit, or you can dive all in and hook him up with the Ultimate Male Grooming Experience.  

18. Give Him a Cup of Coffee… With a Cheeky Twist 

Fun fact: Daddydaims and I collect mugs. I’m not sure how, when, or why this little hobby of ours began, but it did. 

As someone who doesn’t swear, I appreciate the subtle message behind this cheeky mug. 

Promise me, right here and right now, that if you buy this gift, you’ll do the following. 

Make him a cup of coffee and present it to him in his brand new mug. Act chill and as though nothing is suspect. 

Straight-up pretend that his Father’s Day gift is a simple cup of coffee in a seemingly ‘meh’ mug. Watch how he himself pretends that he loves it, while his face betrays his apparent disappointment and thoughts along the lines of “This is my Father’s Day gift?” flood his brain.  

Then wait patiently for him to get closer to finishing the cup of coffee you laboured over. Soon enough, a hidden 3D visual message will reveal itself. 

He’ll get the shock of his life before being filled with pride tied to your kickass sense of humour and wicked gift-giving ability. 

19. A Muscle Massager 

All dads have muscles, whether they’re visible to the naked eye or not! Daddydaims often wakes up and goes to sleep with terrible back pain and so I thought I’d include a muscle massager on this list. 

Muscle massagers can help with an assortment of ailments. Some people use them to ease the effects of an intense workout, while others use them to combat the aches and pains that come hand-in-hand with aging. 

There are all kinds of muscle massagers available on the market from deep tissue gun massagers to handheld palm massagers, so you’re spoilt for choice. 

Just because the dad in your life prefers drinking six-packs as opposed to having one doesn’t mean that he won’t suffer from the muscle aches, cramps, and general soreness that muscle massagers can help with.  

20. When All Else Fails… Socks Never Do 

Socks are just one of those gifts that nobody asks for, but everyone appreciates. Sure, the dad in your life may never say “Ooof, you know what I want for Father’s Day? A pair of socks.” but it’s guaranteed that he’ll use them. 

Just because a pair of socks in itself is not the world’s most exciting gift doesn’t mean they can’t be exciting. During my research for this post, I came across all kinds of sock designs that made me ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’. 

There are socks for gamers, for Star Wars fans, for foodies, for patriots, for athletes, and for every other kind of dad you can imagine. 

And guys, with the weather we’ve been having lately there is no such thing as having — or wearing — too many socks. 

Go Get Gifting! 

Genuinely, if I were a dad, I would be so chuffed to receive any one of the 20 gifts featured on this list! Some of them are just SO COOL, while others are super practical, and the rest are just straight-up funny. 

I think I’ve covered all of the bases, and I ran all of the options by Daddydaims and each and every one got his seal of approval, so I’m feeling confident that the right gift for the dad in your life is on this list. 

No matter what gift you end up giving him, I’m sure he’ll love it.

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