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My Pregnancy Essentials

When you are pregnant, pretty much every second of those nine months (which feels like both the longest and shortest time all at once!) is devoted to preparing for the impending arrival of your bundle of joy.

Oftentimes we overlook our actual pregnancy and the needs that accompany it.

There is simply SO MUCH STUFF to do and buy – your needs take a backseat.

And believe me, when you are carrying a baby inside of you, you have needs, woman!

If you aren’t already, this is the best (and most important) time to start taking care of yourself, as once your little monkey arrives, your ‘me-time’ moments will be few and far between.


For The Love Of Lists…

Here is a list of my 12 must-haves that every pregnant lady should indulge in (you can thank me later!) that not only help you survive your pregnancy, but enjoy it!


A Belly Band

A belly band is a wide boob-tube-looking strip of fabric that more often than not is made of a stretchy material (like Lycra or Spandex) to accommodate your seemingly ever-growing bump.

Unfortunately, for most of us, tummy and back pain is a prominent feature in the later stages of your pregnancy and wearing a belly band really does help with this pain by supporting your growing baby bump.

My top reason for practically living in my belly band was that I could prolong wearing my normal pre-pregnancy pants, by simply leaving them unbuttoned/unzipped and covering this fact up with a belly band.

I opted for the incredible ‘Yummy Mummy Tummy’ from Yummy Maternity – I got one in each colour and still wear them now! You can check them out here.

Pre-natal Vitamins

Pre-natal vitamins are an absolute must!

To keep it as non-scientific as possible, when you are pregnant, your baby gobbles up most of your vitamins and leaves you with a minimal amount. If you aren’t taking pre-natal vitamins, you are not replenishing the ‘good stuff’ your baby consistently takes from you and eventually you are left with nothing – so what will your baby have left to take? You see what I’m getting at.

Luckily, nowadays us momma bears don’t have to stress about chugging down ten million different types of ‘vitamin this’ and ‘vitamin that’ pills on the daily because we have the option of taking one pre-natal vitamin a day that is jam packed with all those super important vitamins that both us and baby need.

Pregnancy Pillows

Ah, one of the wonders of the mothering world.

How can something so simple (not to mention inexpensive) be so great?


As your belly (not to mention sooooo many other bits!) gets bigger, comfort becomes a distant memory.

A pregnancy pillow is designed to help you be as comfy as possible when you are the size of a whale.

I could not have survived my pregnancy without my own preggy pillows.

Stretch Mark Cream

During pregnancy, most women get stretch marks (small price for the miracle of life I reckon!) and in my case, they were unavoidable. Whilst mine are ‘bad’ I like to think they would be significantly worse if I didn’t apply stretch mark cream throughout my pregnancy. Again, I used only my Yummy Maternity goodies.

Some women don’t even get a single stretch mark (these women are the envy of every other mother) but my take on it is; rather try preventing them during than try treating them after.

Even if you are one of those women, you should still use some to keep your skin supple and hydrated.

Open toed shoes

Open-toed shoes became a staple item in my pregnancy wardrobe.

Swollen feet are an all too common side-effect of pregnancy and the last thing you want to do is cram your little sausage toes into a pair of tight shoes.

Sorry heels!

Let your feet, toes and ankles relax for a bit as they are already working overtime carrying that big, beautiful belly of yours!

Strrrrretchy Pants

Stretchy pants are something you will find on almost every pregnancy must-have list and for good reason!

Your body is already going through such a massive (literally) change that you need to give it as much comfort as possible – and stretchy pants are the way to go!

Leggings, yoga pants and tracky bottoms are every pregnant lady’s best friend.

A new Bra

A new bra is unavoidable. In the early days of pregnancy you can experience tenderness of the nipples and breasts themselves so you will most likely feel discomfort wearing your regular bra.

As your body prepares for the birth of your baby your boobies will start producing milk and you (and babydaddy!) will watch your cup size grow.

And grow and grow.

I would recommend a sports bra, as they are uber comfy, have plenty of room for the milkers to grow and you don’t have the risk of being jabbed by an underwire.

A Cold Water bottle

A cold water bottle is something that should be found in every pregnant woman’s hands, or at the very least her handbag.

It is SO important to keep yourself hydrated (remember, you are drinking for two!)

As much as your bladder may hate you for this, your body will love you.


A Hot Water bottle

My hot water bottle was one of my best friends when I was preggers!

Sometimes, the lower back ache was so bad that I would curl up on the sofa, barely able to move. A hot water bottle wrapped in a T-shirt or dishcloth helped relieve much of this pain and so preparing one became a part of my (actually Daddydaims’) night time routine.

My pregnancy bestie!


Swimwear might not feature on every pregnancy must have list but boy, did it feature near the top of mine!

If you are pregnant during a hot season, you want to do everything you can to help cool yourself down as your temperature is already higher than that of a non-pregnant woman.

From around 12 weeks onwards my bikini wearing days were over because I was so self-conscious of my tummy and stretch marks that I would sit there swimming in my own sweat, rather than swimming in the pool with everyone else.

Once I got a full-length swimming costume, I felt so much more comfortable (even sexy some days can you believe!) and took a much needed, relieving dip whenever I wanted.

woolies swimwear is perfect for pregnant moms

Comfy undies

Comfy undies will unfortunately boot all your lovely, lacey, baby-making garments to the veeeery back of your wardrobe.

Practicality comes first when you are pregnant, and comfort is key.

The bigger (and more granny-like) the panties, the better.

granny panties for pregnancy! Pregnancy knickers

Morning Sickness Remedies

I included this in  my list because if you, like the majority of us mommas, suffer from morning sickness it can really dampen your pregnancy mother-earth vibe and is definitely something you should address.

The upcoming months are going to be tough enough as it is and so you should do whatever you can to make them as bearable as possible.

I could not tolerate any store-bought medicine, the stuff I bought made my vomming even worse – such fun!

I chose kick it old school and treated it with age-old home remedies using ingredients like ginger or peppermint.

ginger & peppermint syrup for pregnancy - morning sickness killer!


Use these tips, or don’t, just remember – you need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of your baby.

I had SO much fun putting this list together and I hope that you enjoyed it.

Love, hugs and gushing’s of congratulations!

Momma Tash


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      I know for sure I wouldn’t have survived mine 😂 it is incredibly funny – all us moms have things in common and things we do completely differently!

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  1. 3
    Bibi on Board

    Thank you for this little reminder 🙂 My old pregnancy pillow saved the rest of my sleeping.

    To the vitamins paragraph, I would add good iron supplements. I was one of many preggies who suffered from anemia. Although I was taking pills and kepping full of iron diet, the level was still below the standard. My Daughter ate that much 🙂

    • 4

      That is SO true! I didn’t think to include it because I (thankfully) did not have any anemia issues – and jeepers she sounds like she gobbled all the good stuff 😂

  2. 7
    Rianna Galvez

    I totally agree with every item on this list. Before I got pregnant with my firstborn, I thought I could survive pregnancy without these but nope!!! Great practical tips 🙂

  3. 8

    Awesome tips! Especially a belly band and pregnancy pillow are 100% must for every future mama! It helped me to go through the last 2-3 months for sure.

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