10 Reasons To Love Being A Working Mom

I am A Working Mom. And I Freaking Love It.

I am a working mom.

I am not a part time mom.

I am not a part time employee.

I am a working mom.

And I’m effing proud of that.

Let Me Be Clear – This Love for my Life as A Working Mom Didn’t Happen Overnight.

Ready for some brutal honesty?

When I first returned to work after my short-lived maternity leave was up (and my bank account was like ‘haha wtf are you doing dude?’) I didn’t love it so much then.

For the first month – I cried. And cried. And cried.

I felt like I was abandoning my new-born baby and neglecting my motherly duties.

I was angry.

With myself, for not being able to be with my child. And with Daddydaims, for not making enough money for me to be with my child. And with my country, for not supporting me and providing me with the option to be with my child.

But Then…

I learned to love my life, even if it wasn’t the life I would have picked in an ideal world.

Like I’m sure any working mom does, I fantasize about being a stay at home mommy and housewife.

I day dream about Moms and Tots yoga classes, the smell of freshly baked goods filling my (pristine) home and Daddydaims coming home to a homemade meal.

But I’m also pretty sure that I’m not the only one that has ever spent the weekend wishing Monday would come sooner so I could escape the demands of being a mom (as crappy as that sounds – hey, this blog is all about being honest!)

I truly do believe, that as a working mom, I have the best of both worlds.

I love my life as a working mom and here is why you should too.

10 Reasons To Love Being A Working Mom

1. Additional Income

In all honesty the biggest reason why I am a working mom is because I have to be. Even with Daddydaims’ wonderful (and well paying) job being a single income household is not an option for us, and for many families in this country.

With the cost of living rising exponentially and salaries staying the same or being reduced, sadly being a stay at home mommy was (and probably will never) be a viable option for my little famdam and I.

Thus I proudly embrace my title of ‘working mom’ because my family could not survive without me. I may not earn as much as other people do, but what I do make helps to keep my family afloat and I’m pretty proud of that.

2. Alone Time

When I’m at work I get to go to the bathroom.


Bet you’re jealous.

3. Sense of Identity

I have a life outside of being a mom. I’m not just Arabella’s mom and Daddydaims’ wife. I am also – ta da – a finance administrator!

For reals though, I play a vital role in the day to day functioning of my place of work and that gives me a great sense of identity and importance.

Also, my being a working mom is something Daddydaims is super proud of and we share and celebrate our work place achievements together.

(Look at me stroking my ego!)

4. Adult Interaction

I get to spend time with real life adults and have grown up conversations that aren’t limited to what my kid ate that day or musings as to why her poop is a funny colour.

Need I go on?

5. Recognition

As much as it wish it wasn’t so, Arabella never turns around and says ‘Geez Mom, you did a truly excellent job at changing my nappy!’

But at work, my long hours, hard work, ideas and contributions are appreciated, praised and recognized. Not to mention that at work there is the option of being promoted or rewarded with a pay increase, meanwhile at home… Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong – having a baby and raising children brings enormous rewards and a kick-ass dose of womanly respect, but work provides a tangible sense of accomplishment.

6. Appreciation

I appreciate my daughter, my marriage and my home so much more after a long day at work.

Being a working mom, as strange as it sounds, gives me the opportunity to miss, respect and appreciate all these aspects of my life outside of work.

After all, you can’t miss something if you are not away from it.

7. Values

Now this one is something that my almost two-year-old doesn’t acknowledge now but I’m pretty sure that I am setting a good example for my daughter, not just as a mother but as a woman, by having a great job, being a bread winner for the family and (hopefully) teaching her that a ‘woman’s place’ in this world spans far beyond the home.

8. Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is something I really struggled with in my stint as a work from home mom.

Daddydaims would come home from work and casually state something ridiculous like ‘Oh shoot, I forgot to get bread’ and damn I was ready to rock and roll.

Cue outfit change and unnatural amount of enthusiasm to head down to the local shop. Being a working mom, I get to leave the house five days a week!


Plus, my destinations range even further than to and from the office – I go to meetings, on office supply runs and staff outings. How cool?

It’s the little things I tell ya.

9. Your Brain Stays Sharp

Everyday, my brain comes out of hiding and is challenged by something new. Seriously, everyday!

When you are a working mom your brain has to be up and at ’em from the moment you set foot through that door and I adore this.

I won’t lie, I suffered horrendously from pregnancy brain and it hasn’t quite let me out of its tight grasp just yet so I have to work extra hard to make sure my brain is on par with the other brilliant brains surrounding me.

10. My Marriage is Thriving

This is probably an odd point to include in this post but it is a massive reason why I love being a working mom!

I never expected being a working mom to have this much of a positive impact on my marriage. I adore sharing my day with my husband and hearing about his.

Our dialogue is filled with the day’s highs and lows, work accomplishments, office drama, company news and anything interesting that happened during the course of the nine hours where we weren’t wearing our respective Mom and Dad Pants.

It’s Worth It.

Being a working mom is tough. The days can be long and hard, and the sacrifices we make on a daily basis should not be taken lightly.

Some days, I come home from work and simply feel like I am starting my next shift.

But most days, I come from work and simply feel like I am a badass, contributing citizen of the world, 21st century mother – who is doing what needs to be done for herself and her family.

And that feeling freaking rocks.


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  1. 3

    I absolutely freaken loved reading this! Somma makes me wanna go back to work and be a working mommy!

    Well done Tash!

  2. 5

    I love being a working mom too. I stopped working for 11 months to take care of my baby and honestly, the lack of adult interaction really didn’t help my PPD.

    • 6

      I can only imagine, Phoebe! PPD is a journey that is best taken with the support of other adults (not a tiny human) but massive up’s to you for getting through it and for being brave enough to talk about it 🙂 well done momma xx

  3. 7
    Chronically Caffeinated Mom

    I really like that you took the time to blog about this, it’s SO important. I didn’t get to be a SAHM by choice, the medical needs of my son ended up taking precedence over literally everything and thus, I’m now at home to take care of him 24/7. But I used to really enjoy my job and just finished my Bachelor’s Degree last year. I really wanted to be out there in the workforce for all the reasons you mention. Most of all, having an identity and sense of purpose! I want to be recognized for achievements and praised for all my hard work as an employee, not just a mother. I feel like mothers are so under appreciated and being a SAHM really comes with a stigma that we aren’t anything BUT moms. I do look forward to the day I’ll get to have a career of my own when my son goes to school in a few years. But there are MANY good things to be said about being a working mom!

    • 8

      Oh wow, what an incredible story – thank you for sharing 🙂 and girl, you are ANYTHING but ‘just’ a mom, you are your son’s caregiver, friend, support system, partner in crime and the person who sacrificed her sense of self for his well being. If anyone is doing this motherhood thing right – it’s you.

  4. 9

    I miss working! I quit working to stay home because my husband started to travel a lot, and while I love the time around my kids, I miss my other sense of self. Motherhood is what you make it- and you’re doing it right!

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