Trimester Woes – Pregnancy Worries

As incredible and life changing as pregnancy is, it can at times, be a veeeery hectic and stressful experience.

You worry about all sorts of things.

Big things, small things and all things in between.

I decided to list of some of the different worries that featured in my pregnancy and how they turned out once madam had arrived.

Hopefully someone, somewhere, may share a worry or two with me and find comfort in the fact that other momma’s have the some of the same worries – and everything turned out fine.


First Trimester – Will This Dude Stick Around?



Due to the short period of time Daddydaims and I had been together, I was incredibly frightened that upon hearing that he was going to be a daddy, he would simply bail. The thought that I could potentially be a 20 year old single mom was quite a scary one.

Now, I know that people who have been married for a million years probably won’t share this worry, but nobody know’s how they will react when they find out a little one is on the way!

Not only did he stick around, but he stuck around SO well. Daddydaims was with me every step and kick of the way. From holding my hair back when morning sickness struck, to shaving my legs when I was too big to bend down. From putting up with my insane mood swings to midnight Cuppa-cake runs. He even stuck a ring on my finger!

First Trimester – How Will My Family React?



As I have always been such a family-oriented person, not to mention the ‘baby’ of the family, I was terrified of my family being disappointed in me. And they were. One family member went as far to say that ‘that baby will be born iceskating up a hill’

Breaking the news to your family, especially when the news is seriously unexpected, can be hard. Make sure you take the time to think about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.

Luckily for me, it is impossible not to fall in love with Arabella; and so the moment she was born any leftover anger family members were feeling quickly disappeared and was replaced by pure love and (this is a biggy!) acceptance. You should see the dude who made the iceskating comment, he can’t get enough of her.


First Trimester – Can I Even Do This?




Even though I knew I had Daddydaims’ support, and I knew I wouldn’t be going through this alone, I still wondered if I could even do it. Am I even capable of being a mom?

Up till this point, my life had consisted of tequila shots, making and breaking plans and ‘YOLO’ and I honestly didn’t feel like I was cut out to be a mom.

Turns out, I can do it. And most days I do it quite well (if I may say so myself). Being pregnant, having a baby and being a mom was and is a million times harder than I ever expected – but here I am. I have a beautiful, healthy, happy daughter and I couldn’t be more content.

Apparently, the fact that you even have this worry is proof that you are on the right track to being a wondermom!

Second Trimester – Are My Friends Going To Hit The Road?



Will my friends stick around when the baby arrives? I know, it sounds trivial. A 20 year old mom to be, worried if her pals will hang around – so typical! But this really was something that played on my mind a lot, all those friends already calling themselves ‘Aunty blah’ and filling my imagination with daydreams of us all hanging out, them watching her grow up and so forth. I had worried and wondered if my friends would stand by me, and embrace my new life. Some did, some didn’t. Friends I expected to bail the second they heard a baby crying – stuck around. Those I expected to be firmly by my side simply vanished. And that’s okay. It was heart-breaking at the time, but now I have come to terms with the fact that friendships simply grow or go. My new social life can be seen as depressing to the outsider – but I am happy. I can count my friends on one hand. I have my people.

Second Trimester – Will our relationship change?



People thought we were crazy to have a baby (and rightfully so!) With all the negative comments finding their way through my ears and settling in a nice comfy spot in my brain – those comments became my belief. Of course he wouldn’t stick around, he’s just doing the decent thing by showing face so people don’t think he’s a chop for humping and dumping. Many said we wouldn’t make it, as a baby changes everything. And they were right. Well, about a baby changing everything at least (wrong about all the rest though, eh? #justsayin) From the moment our little angel entered this world, our entire relationship had changed. For the better, might I add! There is no foundation more solid than sharing a human, in my eyes. Today, our relationship is rock solid and we don’t have to deal with the drama’s a young (babyless) couple would normally endure – our arguments aren’t about cheating or someone going out drinking with friends too much – they are more along the lines of who’s turn it is to change the baby and what we are going to feed her that night.

PS – It’s your turn, bro.

Second Trimester – How The Heck Are We Going To Afford A Baby?



From the moment we announced my pregnancy, this was what was on everyone’s minds (ours included!) I mean, we both had relatively good jobs, a penny to spare here and there, we could get takeout twice a week and not worry about our bills not being paid; but nowhere near the amount that everyone braced us to have prepared.


I call BS! This fear is a highly effective form of contraception. In my experience thus far, the most expensive part of being a parent is the actual pregnancy. The doctors’ visits and all the fancy vitamin this and vitamin that! Phew, but are they pricey! I can happily say that since Arabella’s arrival we have managed, and always been able to ensure each and every one of our daughter’s needs (okay, and maybe a little too many ‘wants’) have been met.

Third Trimester – What If The Doctor Missed Something?




It was around this time I became convinced that my doctor missed something. That she would come out missing a finger or two. That she would have Down Syndrome or Autism or a cleft lip. That Arabella was in fact Calum and would have to wear pink for the first year of his life! What am I going to do if something is wrong? You really need to trust the person who is taking care of your during your pregnancy, I wish I had trusted my doctor more! He gave me some good advice though ‘don’t stress until there is something to stress about’ and I still live by this. If your baby pops out and something WAS missed – trust me, you will deal with it.

Third Trimester – Will I Remain A Whale Of A Woman?




People who have had babies will laugh at this one. I was under the impression that when you have your baby, the big belly simply disappears!


Nah. I still looked pregnant for a good couple of weeks after having Arabella. I remember one day, I was feeling real good, put some makeup on, was about to put on a cute little outfit – and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, at my saggy stretch-marked belly and just cried. I didn’t leave the house that day. Now that a fair portion of my time is spent running after a toddler, I am slowly but surely feeling better about my mom-bod. Plus, Daddydaims is so damn proud of what my body did that he loves it now more than ever (what a darling!)


So, as you can see, I had a couple of prominent fears in the different stages of my pregnancy, and you will too. Maybe you will share some of mine, maybe you won’t (either way – tell me ALL about them!)

In my case, I am so super duper thankful that each of my worries were settled as soon as my princess arrived, I really hope yours will be too.

Viva la mommy!

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  1. Kate says:

    That’s true there are so many thoughts going through your head when you get pregnant! How will your partner react, your family.. Happy to read that everything turned out very well for you!

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