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Arabella’s Arrival.. My Birth Story

I’m at the hospital, for a normal clinic visit to get an induction date – and BOOM! I’m in labour ya’ll! I was sent from the clinic to the maternity ward, where Daddydaims and I had to part ways, so he started making all the necessary calls and set up a WhatsApp group to keep Read More

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Going Government – What to Take with for Your Birth (Hospital Bag Checklist)

It’s super important to find out what (if anything) your hospital provides for the birth. I won’t lie, I’m not too sure what other hospitals provide and since I had Arabella at Joburg Gen – so this is just a guideline (one can never be too prepared though!) Since I had no clue I was Read More

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Me time (Not Mom Time)

Self Care FTW Lately, I have been feeling quite frumpy and lumpy and down-in-the-dumpy. I think I have been feeling this way because I haven’t had that ‘bounce back’ after my pregnancy yet and it’s been getting me down. In all fairness, I haven’t done much to assist the above-mentioned ‘bounce back’ process – unless Read More