Welcome to Millennial Momma

Thank you for popping by! My name is Tash, and I am a proud momma bear – what I may lack in age, I sure do make up for in love.

My sleuth consists of myself, my wonderful partner Daddydaims and our little lovecub Arabella Jane – together, the three of us inhabit the urban jungle that is Jozi.

I decided to start this blog mainly as a place to plop all of my thoughts and feelings about being a young mom living in South Africa and all of the trials, tribulations and experiences that come along with this incredible title.

My aim is to make someone smile, maybe spread a little love, share a little knowledge, be the best mom that I can be and try to lift other momma’s up – that’s all.


About Us

So, I am a 20 something year old living in the North of Johannesburg, with my beautiful little family. I have an unhealthy obsession with sushi, I love rainy days, fancy coffee’s, sparkles and glitter. I live for my daughter. I work full-time and journal more than I should. I am also one of those girls, meaning that I love painting my nails, giggling and watching videos of baby animals falling asleep.

Daddydaims is a 20-late year old hunk of handsomeness! He doesn’t believe in star signs. He has an opinion on quite literally everything and takes his role as Daddy and his Daddy duties very seriously. He does like to make silly deals with me when it comes to changing a particularly bad nappy though, but I can’t say I mind – the latest deal was ‘you change this one and I will change every one thereafter for an entire day’

And last but definitely not least, the person who made us a family. The most perfect combination of the person I love and myself – Arabella Jane. Toddler. Ruler of the roost, pusher of the buttons and the one who holds our hearts. Loves being naked, hates being cleaned in any way, will not allow anything on her head, tolerates snuggles. Miss Independent (already!)